APS Employees Assist in Red-Tailed Hawks’ Homecoming

Just in time for National Wildlife Day, September 4, four red-tailed hawk siblings are back home, after they were rescued from a perilous perch.


In March, APS power line crews noticed a nest on top of electrical equipment, posing a hazard to the birds and the equipment. Inside the nest were four eggs about to hatch. Those Buckeye-based employees, along with APS’s avian specialist, partnered with Liberty Wildlife to move the nest to a nearby nesting platform, specially built to host the nest in a safer spot. Experts monitored the next and when the hawk parents did not return, Liberty Wildlife took the nest and eggs to its facility, where they hatched and were cared for, first by staff and then when they were a little older, by foster hawk parents.


In late August, the chicks were ready to be returned to the wild. The Liberty Wildlife and APS teams returned to the area where the nest had been rescued for a special homecoming. One-by-one they opened the boxes carrying the birds. Each hawk flew out and quickly adapted to their home.


The release of these red-tailed hawks is just the latest example of how APS is committed to the safety and wellbeing of our state’s wildlife and environment. Our Avian & Wildlife Protection Program helps ensure the safety of wildlife, especially large birds of prey which are at greater risk of coming into contact with energized equipment due to their large wingspans. We work hand-in-hand with local rehabilitation centers, like Liberty Wildlife, to make sure nests or injured birds are properly cared for.


Phoenix television news station FOX 10 covered the release of the red-tailed hawks. Watch it here.

three chicks

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