Runway 230kV

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Voltage - 230kV
Estimated completion date - 1st quarter 2023
Location - East Goodyear and west Avondale, AZ

Project need
A new double circuit 230 kilovolt (230kV) power line is required to support the energy needs of the Microsoft data center in Goodyear and growth in the west valley, including enhanced reliability to the Runway Substation and surrounding transmission infrastructure.

Project description
We continually monitor our electrical system and, when necessary, add or upgrade facilities. These improvements enhance reliability and help ensure that an adequate supply of electric power is available to our customers. 

The project involves building a new double circuit 230kV power line from the Runway Substation, located northeast of Bullard Avenue and Broadway Road on the customer’s site in Goodyear, to existing power lines near Buckeye Road and the Agua Fria River in Avondale, as shown in the project map.

Project planning
We are continuing studies to determine an appropriate route for this new power line. In mid-2021, we hired SWCA, an environmental consulting firm, to study various factors such as cultural, biological and visual impacts, and to assist with the public outreach process.  These environmental studies and outreach efforts with project area stakeholders, including jurisdictional representatives, landowners, and the community, will be ongoing in order to share project information and to collect public input. 

On January 10, 2022, we launched a virtual public open house, where you could learn more about the project online and provide input. Your input, along with stakeholder feedback, has been incorporated into our evaluations— including environmental, engineering, construction, land acquisition, and more—to help us identify feasible and viable alternative routes. Results of these studies have led to identifying a preferred route, and alternatives, as shown on the Route Alternatives Map. We will be updating the virtual open house with the latest information on June 13th, 2022, and hold in-person open houses on June 14th and 15th from 5-7 p.m.  We encourage you to attend our in-person and/or virtual open house to learn more about the project, ask questions, and to provide additional comments to help us identify the appropriate route for this power line. 

At the conclusion of our studies and the public involvement process, we will request a Certificate of Environmental Compatibility (CEC) and present the project at a hearing before the Arizona Power Plant and Line Siting Committee (Committee). If approved by the Committee, the CEC will then be presented to the Arizona Corporation Commission (ACC) for their consideration and final decision.

Project features
Monopole (single pole) structures are typically used for new 230kV transmission lines but may include a variety of steel structure types ranging in height from approximately 115 feet to 195 feet depending on routing, terrain, and crossing of existing structures, including elevated roads and other power lines. 

Any opportunity to utilize existing power line routes for the new 230kV structures will be considered. However, new rights-of-way and/or easements (approximately 60 feet each side of the structure totaling 120 feet) will be needed. 

Public input
Input from residents, tenants, property owners, and businesses within the siting area, is an important part of the siting process. We invite you to visit our in-person and/or virtual open house during scheduled times to learn more about the purpose and need for the project and the siting process. You will be able to speak with one of our subject matter experts, ask questions, and provide input. If you cannot attend in-person or access the site online, you can call or email a request for a hard copy of the open house materials to be mailed.

We welcome your feedback. Although comments are encouraged throughout the duration of the project, we request that you submit them during the virtual open house comment period, which ends July 17, 2022. This allows for timely review and consideration of your input during the siting process.  

Comments and questions may be submitted within the virtual open house, or by phone or email to:

Siting Consultant
Project information phone number: 623-267-1051

Public information open house
In Person 
Date: June 14th and 15th, 2022 
Time: 5:00-7:00 p.m. 
Location: Avondale Elementary School District 
295 W. Western Avenue 
Avondale, AZ 85323 

Virtual (online)
Date: June 13th, 2022 - Project Duration 
Website: www.runwayopenhouse.com

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