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Looking to install new technologies?
We've assembled a list of Qualified Technology Installers who can help advise, install and maintain the suite of technologies connected to your home. Find solar, battery storage, cooling & heating and electric vehicle charging station installers, plus qualified contractors for a home energy checkup.

Frequently Asked Questions


Our qualified installers are registered through the Registrar of Contractors (ROC), have maintained a rating of B or better through the BBB, and have been trained on APS programs. Each technology also comes with unique qualifications to ensure we are providing a list of experienced and professional installers.


No. Our qualified installers have gone the extra mile to participate in our program and meet our expectations, but you can choose any installer for your project. Some APS rebates and incentives may require the use of specific qualified installers, plus qualified contractors are used for a home energy checkup.


We currently qualify installers for solar, battery storage, cooling & heating and electric vehicle charging stations. Qualified contractors are used for a home energy checkup.


If you are approached by an installer, you can always check our qualified technology installer list to see if they participate in one of our programs and have been trained on APS programs and rebates.


Smart thermostats are available at APS Marketplace with rebates of up to $115 per device, not to exceed the MSRP. If you purchased a smart thermostat at APS Marketplace, you may be eligible for free installation with Threshold. Click here to learn more. If you did not purchase your thermostat through the APS Marketplace, you can always call one of our qualified HVAC installers to help install a smart thermostat.
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Get free advice from an energy advisor as you tour your home together virtually, using a smartphone or tablet. Your advisor will make recommendations for saving energy based on your unique needs.

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Become a Qualified Technology Installer


Participants must:

Be an established, accredited contractor with the Arizona Registrar of Contractors.

  • Must have and maintain a B rating or better with BBB. Solar QTIs are required to maintain an A rating.
  • Maintain APS communication standards as outlined in the Program Status Protocols & Definitions section.
  • Maintain liability insurance and AZ worker’s comp certificate of insurance.
  • Provide in-house and third-party sales training program materials or marketing materials as well as any materials for presenting. Adhere to the APS Logo Use Guidelines standards and expectations set forth in the agreement.
  • Maintain appropriate customer service and communication.
  • Have a minimum of three management level (or above) representatives complete the APS training designed for the program (within 6 weeks of receiving access to the training portal).
  • Maintain the appropriate licenses and experience for the technologies participating:
    • For solar installers:
      • An active solar installer license granted by the Arizona Registrar of Contractors (R-11& CR-11);
      • Maintain a physical location for APS customers to visit.
    • For EVSE installers:
      • An active residential electric license (R-11);
      • Experience installing EVSE at multiple amperages; and
      • Experience installing EVSE via hardwire and NEMA 14-50 plug.
    • For battery installers:
      • An active residential electric license (R-11);
      • The ability and experience installing batteries from multiple manufacturers (minimum of 3); and
      • Experience installing at least 10 residential battery systems.
    • For HVAC installers:
      • Full requirements are based on the existing HVAC program. To become a participating contractor, please call: 602-371-3636 (metro Phoenix) 888-890-9730 (other areas) or email apsinfo@elaz.org.
    • For home energy checkup installers/contractors:
      • Full requirements are based on the existing Home Performance program. To become a qualified contractor, please call: 602-532-2991 (metro Phoenix) 877-850-8358 (other areas) or email azhomeperformance@fsl.org.

For more information
For more information and to apply, please contact the Electric League of Arizona at info@elaz.org or 602-263-9391.
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