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Providing safe and reliable power is a top priority. But power outages do happen. And when they do, we work quickly and safely to restore your power and keep you informed along the way.
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View outage map

Get details on current power outages in your area with our interactive outage map. It’s easy to use and provides up-to-date information. 
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Sign up for outage alerts

You can receive text/email updates about power outages by signing up for our Outage Alerts.

Things to know about power outages


Restoration times

Many factors can affect power restoration times
Every power outage is different. Weather conditions. Accessibility to damaged areas. Equipment failure. And that means every power restoration time can be different, too. We will provide our best estimate based on similar situations and will work to quickly and safely reestablish your service.

How to prepare

Be prepared in case of an outage

In addition to signing up in advance for our outage alerts (link to outage alerts), here are some things you can do to stay safe during an outage:

• Place flashlights and extra batteries in handy locations.
• Have your APS account number readily available.
• Keep important phone numbers such as medical providers, family, friends and APS stored in your cell phone or by your home phone.
• If you use life-support medical equipment that requires electricity, call to register for our Medical Preparedness Program at 602-371-7171 (800-253-9405). This alerts us of your needs in the event of an outage.
• Have a gallon of water available for each person as well as non-perishable foods.
• If you have an automatic garage door, be sure you know how to open the door manually in case you are without power.


Tips for handling

Here are a few things to keep in mind during a power outage
• Visit our Outage Center or download our app to report an outage and view our online Outage Map.
• Don’t open refrigerators or freezers more than necessary. Food will stay cold for up to 4 hours if the refrigerator and freezer doors are kept closed. For more information on food safety during a power outage visit foodsafety.gov.
• Turn off and unplug all unnecessary electrical equipment and appliances. This will protect them from electrical spikes. Wait 5-10 minutes after power comes back on to plug in and turn on major appliances and electrical equipment.
• If your home is the only one without power in your neighborhood the outages could be because of your home’s circuit breaker.
• Don’t try to repair electrical problems on your own. Electricity can be deadly.



What to do if you see a downed power line
Keep your distance. Stay at least 100 feet away. The ground may be electrified and cause a shock

• If the line is touching your car, stay in your vehicle The tires are good insulators and will protect you

• If you must leave your car, be sure you don't touch the ground and the car at the same time. Keep your feet together so they both touch the ground at the same time

• If you see someone trapped by a power line, do not try to remove them. Call 911. Then call APS at 855-688-2437


How to reset your circuit breaker
If you think your circuit breaker might be the cause of your power outage, here’s how to reset it:

• First, turn off all major appliances and most lights. Leave one light on so you can see when power is restored.

• Make sure your hands are dry and you are standing on a dry surface. Identify the breaker switch that is in or toward the “off” position. Turn it all the way to “off” and then to the “on” position.

• If all the power is off, the main breaker may need to be reset.

• If the breaker tripped because there is something wrong with an appliance, be sure to have the necessary repairs made before using the appliance again.
Report an outage
Report a problem with your home or business service or a street light that's broken, flickering, not working or stays on.
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