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We are committed to working with customers for payment arrangements that work for their budget. You can arrange to pay your past due amount on the next bill, giving you additional time to pay. If you need more time to pay and choose to set up a payment arrangement yourself by clicking “Apply now,” you will be put on a one-month arrangement. If you still need more time to pay, please call 602-371-6767 (800-253-9407).

Here are some things to know if you set up a payment arrangement:

  • You can pay your past due balance in full at any time to end your payment arrangement by calling our care center at 602-371-6767 (800-253-9407).
  • When you receive your next bill, you will need to pay your payment arrangement installment plus any current charges. View how a payment arrangement appears on a sample bill

If you do not pay your payment arrangement and current charges, your account will be subject to disconnection.

If your service is disconnected, you will need to pay the total past due amount to get your service turned back on.

Not all accounts are eligible for a payment arrangement.

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Do you qualify for a payment arrangement?

In most cases customers will be eligible for a payment arrangement. But there may be some situations where it will not be possible, here are a few examples why:

  • Your account is set up on Budget Billing
  • Your account has a past due amount that is less than $75
  • Your account does not have a balance, due or past due
  • Your account already has an active payment arrangement.
  • Your account has had a broken payment arrangement within the past 90 days
  • Your account has had 3 or more broken payment arrangements within the past 12 months
  • Your account has had a returned payment

If you have difficulty setting up a payment arrangement, please call us at 602-371-6767 (800-253-9407).

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