APS partners with Arizona communities in commitment to clean energy

Urban and rural communities across Arizona are working to keep our state clean, beautiful, and thriving. Cities and towns are designing more sustainable futures for their operations and for the way of life they offer their citizens.

Energy is an important part of this sustainability planning. We’ve collaborated as energy advisors to large and small communities across the state because the goals of these local governments align with our commitment to provide 100% clean energy to our customers by 2050. For example, the City of Flagstaff has approved a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) we developed to help support its Climate Action Plan (CAP).

An MOU establishes a direct partnership and promotes synergy between a utility and city and enables both to utilize skill sets of each other to achieve common energy- and carbon-based goals.

A CAP – a detailed framework driven by cities for measuring and reducing greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, climate change impacts and other sustainability-based goals – can help cities define their path forward. The cities of Tempe and Flagstaff have enacted CAPs, and the City of Phoenix is developing one too.

Per the City of Tempe website: “Having a CAP is critical to establish and create a sustainable and healthy community for the future residents of Tempe. The CAP helps to develop strategies to conserve resources and make quality of life improvements.”

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APS programs, such as Take Charge AZ and APS Solar Communities, can help local communities achieve their clean energy goals.

Take Charge AZ

Nearly one-third of all GHG emissions in Phoenix are from vehicles. To combat this, the city wants to develop communities and transportation infrastructure that provide modes of travel other than single occupancy, fossil-fueled vehicles.

Enter Take Charge AZ, which provides expanded access to electric vehicle (EV) charging in Phoenix and throughout Arizona. As part of the program, we cover the cost of installing and maintaining EV charging equipment at businesses, government agencies, non-profits and multifamily communities.

“We are proud of our long and collaborative partnership with the City, and we look forward to continuing to work together to pursue our mutual goals of clean energy, sustainability and climate change action,” Ann Becker, APS Vice President of Sustainability, wrote in a letter to Phoenix Mayor Kate Gallego in November 2020. “Working together, the City and APS can truly deliver for our customers and community.”

APS Solar Communities

The APS Solar Communities program offers a unique opportunity for limited-income and moderate-income customers across the state to help advance solar energy and enjoy savings.

There is a municipal component to this program as well. As part of its plan to be carbon neutral by 2030, Flagstaff is participating in solar-covered parking through Solar Communities at no cost to the city. Flagstaff also has four Take Charge AZ charging stations at City Hall.

“I am pleased with APS’s ambitious sustainability goals and the direction APS’s leadership is pursuing,” former Flagstaff Mayor Coral Evans said in 2020, when we announced our clean energy commitment. “This commitment complements the Flagstaff City Council’s goals, aligns with the city’s Climate Action and Adaptation Plan, and mirrors the Flagstaff community’s voice. We are excited to continue our collaboration with APS and partner on new and exciting projects.”

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