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Collaboration Fundamental to Success

By setting a goal of 100% carbon-free electricity for our customers by 2050, APS is committing to a cleaner future. Achieving this goal is only possible through partnerships and support. It will require working with regulators, customers and other stakeholders to determine the transition path that makes the most sense. Specifically, programs and technologies – such as energy efficiency, electrification and encouraging customers to use more clean energy when it is available – will require a new and unprecedented level of collaboration with our customers and stakeholders.

We are excited about working with everyone who shares the vision of a clean energy future.

Arizona State University
“As a leader in innovation, ASU is excited to see Arizona’s largest electricity provider reimagine our state’s energy sector with this bold commitment to clean power generation. We are excited to be among the early collaborators in APS’s approach, which will include diverse stakeholders from across Arizona, in charting this course to a carbon-free future so imperative to our long-term quality of life.” - Dr. Michael M. Crow, President

Greater Phoenix Economic Council
“This landmark clean energy goal helps further differentiate Arizona’s leading position as a strategic, forward thinking market to do business, especially with many companies placing emphasis on their own sustainability targets.”  - Chris Camacho, President and CEO

The Nature Conservancy
"This is a bold and historic decision. It is coming at an important time. APS’s commitment to a clean economy in Arizona demonstrates the kind of leadership that will create momentum to put us on a path where Arizonans, now and in the future, can thrive. Arizonans expect sustainable communities, a healthy environment and access to good jobs." - Pat Graham, State Director

Advanced Energy Economy
“Arizona Public Service is taking the lead among U.S. utility companies to achieve 100 percent carbon free energy. Advanced energy technologies like renewable energy, electric vehicles, storage, energy efficiency and nuclear will all play important roles. Advanced Energy Economy and its member companies are already working with APS to find innovative solutions that can help achieve its clean energy goals, and we look forward to continuing this work together.” - Nat Kramer, Chief Executive Officer - APS and AEE are collaborating on the Arizona Clean Energy Project

Senator Kyrsten Sinema
"Arizona Public Service’s transition to clean energy will create job opportunities across Arizona and protect clean air and water for Arizona families. This transition will ensure Arizona’s power grid remains strong and enable our state to grow.”

Senator Martha McSally
“Arizona is a leader in clean energy technology and Arizona Public Service’s clean energy strategy serves as a model for the nation. APS’s continued efforts to provide affordable clean energy to Arizona’s families, without heavy handed government mandates, will serve our state well into the future.”

Smart Electric Power Alliance (SEPA)
"A number of major U.S. utilities have made commitments to carbon-free by 2050, but Arizona Public Service stands out in the crowd. While any carbon reduction commitment is laudable, APS is among the very small handful of utilities that have coupled their commitment with an aggressive but reasonable interim target and specific actions that demonstrate meaningful progress."  - Julia Hamm, Chief Executive Officer

Center for Climate and Energy Solutions (C2ES)
"Today's announcement from Arizona Public Service Company is about leadership. The biggest threat today to the challenge of climate pollution and the associated impacts is a lack of will to act. APS is making a bold investment in the low-carbon economy, focusing on renewable and zero-emission nuclear generation, but it is also providing the foundation for economy-wide emission reductions as other industries turn to electrification solutions to limit their own footprints. These commitments will prove to be the keystone for decarbonizing Arizona by midcentury." - Bob Perciasepe, President

First Solar
“APS’s commitment to investing in a carbon-free electricity system defines a tangible path to a low carbon future for Arizona. The Clean Energy Plan will bring economic benefits to Arizona, especially by signaling the attractiveness of the state as an investment destination for corporates looking to decarbonize their businesses. As an Arizona-headquartered leader in solar energy, we have a longstanding positive relationship with APS. We look forward to continuing our collaboration with an eye on working with APS to build the state’s position as a leader in clean solar electricity.” - Mark Widmar, Chief Executive Officer

Northern Arizona University
“APS continues to demonstrate its leadership in the world of sustainable energy solutions. I am thankful that our partnership with APS has supported many of our energy efficiency projects –  including rooftop solar projects – and am inspired by the forward thinking solutions that serve as a model to our university community as we create our own roadmap for reaching carbon neutrality and enhancing campus sustainability.” - Dr. Rita Cheng, President

Clean Air Task Force
“The electric sector will need to lead the effort to manage climate change by reducing its own carbon emissions to zero by mid-century, and doing so as rapidly as feasible to minimize emissions along the way. APS today joins several other major U.S. utilities in committing to get that job done, and we welcome their leadership. There are many pathway details that need to be discussed, but the company’s aggressive targets are an important start.” - Armond Cohen, Executive Director

Nuclear Energy Institute
“Arizona Public Service (APS) Company has made a significant commitment to be 100 percent carbon-free by 2050. This is part of a growing trend motivated by customer demand for clean energy and progress in new technology innovations. Nuclear energy is the nation’s leading source for carbon-free electricity and the Palo Verde Generating Station will be a foundation that will enable APS to achieve this commitment. With more companies and utilities like APS focusing on carbon-free solutions, I am confident we will achieve our nation's clean energy goals.” - Maria Korsnick, President and Chief Executive Officer

Western Resource Advocates
“We welcome this decision by APS to greatly increase its use of renewable energy over the next decade and to commit to 100 percent carbon-free electricity generation by 2050. We look forward to working with the utility and the Arizona Corporation Commission to help achieve and accelerate these goals. This important step by APS will benefit ratepayers, as renewable energy continues to be less expensive than fossil-fuel generation. At the same time, reducing the carbon emissions that drive climate change will result in better air quality, fewer climate costs and risks, and a healthier environment in Arizona, now and for future generations.” - Jon Goldin-Dubois, President

“Nikola is thrilled that APS is moving aggressively in this direction.  As an emerging player in the Arizona market, this is the kind of policy that is compelling to Nikola and could drive additional investments.  Nikola is leading the clean energy transformation in the transportation sector and these new APS objectives align well with Nikola’s mission.” - Dale Prows, Head of Hydrogen Supply Chain

Energy Storage Association
“We congratulate Arizona Public Service for its commitment to 100% carbon-free electricity by 2050. Clearly, energy storage will play an important role in this ambitious plan to provide resilient, efficient, 100% clean and affordable energy to Arizona ratepayers. ESA and its industry members look forward to working with APS to bring this vision to a reality.” - Kelly Speakes-Backman, Chief Executive Officer

McCarthy Building Companies Southwest Region
“APS has long been a leader in clean energy solutions, and by taking this proactive step to ensure renewable energy is a major component of Arizona’s energy mix, they are providing local businesses and our state with a distinct competitive advantage for future growth and investment. Through the years, we’ve been proud to team-up with APS and their many local partners by building utility-scale solar plants and energy storage facilities and we look forward to being part of this clean energy initiative by bringing new innovations in renewable energy construction projects while also providing the local workforce with more career opportunities in clean energy. This commitment is a game-changer for Arizona and McCarthy is proud to support APS, local businesses and our community to help deliver upon this important initiative." - Justin Kelton, President

Western Grid Group
“It is gratifying that APS has announced it will build a carbon-free energy portfolio.  APS’s carbon-free and renewable energy goals are achievable, reasonable and important in helping Arizona be competitive with neighboring states. Today’s technologies allow APS and other utilities to create a clean electric sector that is both affordable and reliable. Western Grid Group supports this important change in direction by the company. The next step is to secure this commitment for APS and other regulated utilities through the creation of a binding carbon standard by the Arizona Corporation Commission.” - Amanda Ormond, Director

Congressman Andy Biggs
"I applaud APS’s plan to commit to clean, reliable, zero-emission nuclear energy by 2050. APS has provided low-cost, innovative energy solutions for generations of Arizona consumers. In order to meet the challenges of tomorrow, a wise energy policy must include nuclear power: it is very safe to produce, leaves very little waste, and draws upon an almost limitless fuel supply.  I look forward to learning more in the coming months, but I am confident Arizona’s energy future is in good hands with APS."

Congressman Ruben Gallego
"From the Sonoran Desert and Grand Canyon to the Petrified National Forest, Arizona is one of the most dramatic and beautiful places on earth. But our fragile environment requires care and protection. That’s why APS should be congratulated for introducing its roadmap for a clean energy future for our state. It is a plan bolstered by the ongoing operation of Palo Verde, the largest source of clean energy in the nation, and a major commitment to renewable resources and battery storage. The plan not only bodes well for Arizona’s environment, but also the state’s economy that will continue to grow in a clean and responsible way, keeping pace with - and preserving the future for - our growing population."

Congressman David Schweikert
“I am pleased to see Arizona remain a leader in the adoption of new clean technology, particularly within the energy space. The APS announcement to produce all electricity from carbon-free sources by 2050 shows our ability to have a both pro-growth plan and a positive attitude towards the future of technology, and I am particularly encouraged to see nuclear energy from Palo Verde Generating Station play a key role in APS’s clean energy strategy. We must continue to develop policies that give companies the flexibility they need to allow for the development of technology and acceptance of their future potential.”

Flagstaff Mayor Coral Evans
"I am pleased with APS’s ambitious new sustainability goals and the direction APS’s leadership is pursuing.  This commitment compliments the Flagstaff City Council’s goals, aligns with the Climate Action and Adaptation Plan, and mirrors the Flagstaff community’s voice.  We are excited to continue our collaboration with APS and partner on new and exciting projects."

Tempe Mayor Mark Mitchell
"Tempe is excited to see APS’s new commitment to creating a clean energy economy in Arizona. The shift from 13% to 45% electricity coming from renewable sources over the next 10 years will add clean energy jobs in Arizona and support a healthier environment for all Arizonans. These goals align with Tempe’s own first Climate Action Plan and I believe that together we can reduce carbon emissions and create a more resilient region and state."

Southwest Energy Efficiency Project
“By committing to clean energy targets by 2030 and 2050, APS is demonstrating that it has a long-term vision for a cleaner and healthier Arizona. This is an important step in the right direction, but APS must also show that energy efficiency is a big part of its commitment. Energy efficiency must be prioritized as the next step because the right efficiency plan will cut waste, save consumers money, make our homes more comfortable, and make Arizona businesses more profitable.” - Ellen Zuckerman, Senior Associate

Clean Energy
We’ve set a bold goal to provide entirely clean, carbon-free electricity to customers by 2050.
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