Sundance Power Plant Project

Sundance Plant near COolidge, Arizona


Project description

The Sundance Power Plant, located 55 miles southeast of Phoenix near Coolidge, is a key component of our energy infrastructure. APS proposes to add two additional natural gas units at Sundance – adding 90 megawatts (MW), enough energy to serve an additional 14,400 Arizona homes. We expect construction to begin in early 2025, with the two units in service for summer 2026.

Project need

There is significant growth in demand for energy in our service territory, and we are preparing to meet nearly 40% load growth by 2031. These new units will provide much-needed energy during the late-afternoon and evening hours, when customer energy use is highest. We are committed to providing reliable and affordable service and use a rigorous selection process and detailed analysis to determine the best combination of resources to serve customers. Our natural gas fleet is an important part of a diverse energy mix and a critical partner to the large quantities of solar and battery energy storage we’re adding to our system.

These new units are necessary to support the reliable service our customers count on. Modern natural gas units, like those planned for this location, provide flexible, on-demand energy when customers need it most. Adding additional units at Sundance maximizes the current infrastructure and gas pipeline capacity to generate reliable energy for Arizona.

Project Vicinity

A map showing the location of the Sundance Power Plant

Public Open House:

The Sundance Project public open house was held on August 17, 2023. View the open house display boards here.(7.6 MB PDF)

Virtual Open House:

You can attend our virtual open house at any time online to learn more about the project: www.apssundanceproject.com

You can submit questions or comments about to apssundanceproject@aps.com.


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