Westwing 230kV Interconnection Project

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Voltage - 230kV
Location – Peoria, AZ

Project need
Provide a new 230 kilovolt (230kV) transmission line between proposed customer energy projects and the Westwing Substation.

Project description
We are planning to build the Westwing 230kV Interconnection Project, a new 230-kilovolt (kV) transmission line needed to interconnect separate customer proposed battery electrical storage projects to the existing Westwing Substation.

The proposed customer battery electrical storage facilities will enhance the APS electric system and allow flexibility in the delivery of power to customers throughout the Phoenix metropolitan area. With these proposed facilities comes a need for a new 230kV transmission line to interconnect the customer battery electrical storage facilities to the existing Westwing substation, located west of the Loop 303, south of Happy Valley Road.

We are dedicated to providing safe and reliable electric service to make these facilities a part of our system. We will rebuild and co-locate the new transmission line with an existing 69kV line that runs adjacent to and between the proposed customer battery storage projects, located south of Happy Valley Road and near the El Mirage Road alignment, and the Westwing Substation for a total length of approximately 0.5 mile.

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Project Planning
In mid-2020, we hired SWCA, an environmental consulting firm, to assist in evaluating the project site, to assess potential environmental impacts, and to support the public outreach process. Baseline information about land use, visual, biological, cultural and recreational resources for the area has been collected. Early in the project process, we began coordination with project area stakeholders including other utility partners and Maricopa County in order to share project information and to collect input from them.

Project maps
Study Area
Existing Land Use
Future Land Use
Land Ownership
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Project features
We work hard to balance the energy needs of our customers while protecting the environment and natural beauty of the area. The rebuilt transmission line structures will consist of double-circuit 230kV steel monopoles with a double-circuit 69kV built lower on the pole. The steel monopoles are anticipated to be up to 150 feet in height, which is generally shorter than nearby existing transmission structures*.

*Exact structure, height, and right-of-way width may vary.

Project Input
An important component of our siting process is the receipt of input from residents, tenants, property owners, businesses, and recreational users within the study area. Members of the public and all interested parties are invited to visit our virtual open house at any time online at westwingopenhouse.com, to learn more about the purpose and need for the project and the siting process. You will be able to provide input and, if desired, request a call to speak with one of our subject matter experts. If you cannot access the site online, you can call or email a request for a hard copy of the open house materials to be mailed.

We welcome your feedback for this project. All comments must be submitted by April 6, 2021, to ensure its review and consideration in this process. To learn more, please visit the APS Westwing 230kV Interconnection Project website at aps.com/westwingproject. Comments and questions may be submitted within the virtual open house, by clicking the comments form link on the project website, or by phone or email.

Public information virtual open house
Launch Date: March 23, 2021
Attend Online: westwingopenhouse.com
Comment Period: March 24 – April 6, 2021

Contact information
Kevin Duncan
Senior Siting Consultant
Project information phone number: 623-303-3796

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