In the Community

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Powering Arizona is one thing. But empowering Arizona communities with possibility is another. Along with more than 120,000 hours volunteered by our employees, we partner with worthy community organizations and programs dedicated to improving the lives of Arizonans.
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Community Impact Report

At APS, we are evolving our philanthropic giving to drive greater impact through strategic programs, partnerships and grants that align with our APS Promise.
Volunteers planing a tree in the ground

APS Community Tree Program

We are committed to preserving our planet through environmental stewardship, this includes helping communities to enrich their green spaces and expand shade tree canopy by planting trees. That’s why we’ve established the APS Community Tree Program, which offers grant funding to qualified organizations for community-based tree planting projects in vulnerable areas within the APS service territory, which includes 11 of the state’s 15 counties.
Two college graduates hugging in their caps and gowns.

Community Impact Grants

Encompassing all of our core program areas, Community Impact Grants respond to the diverse needs in each of the communities we serve across Arizona. Additional consideration is given to programs that serve under-resourced populations. For more information, e-mail CorporateGiving@aps.com.
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