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Home Performance with ENERGY STAR® Checkup and Virtual Energy Checkup

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Find out with one of our two great options. See what works best for you, either our Virtual Home Energy Checkup or our Home Performance with ENERGY STAR Checkup. Learn more about each program.

Home Performance with ENERGY STAR Checkup

Little girl and a cat looking out a windowFrom saving as much as 30% on your energy bill to improving indoor air quality, a home energy checkup could be just the thing you and your home need. When you request a checkup for as low as $99 through our Home Performance with ENERGY STAR Checkup, a specially trained and certified contractor will diagnose your home and identify energy efficiency improvements. Plus, you’ll get five free LEDs and a high performance showerhead.

Why use a qualified Home Performance contractor?

Home Performance with ENERGY STAR qualified contractors are specially trained professionals that use state-of-the-art equipment and strategies to bring comfort and energy efficiency to your home. Qualified contractors are licensed, bonded, insured and in good standing with the Better Business Bureau and Arizona Registrar of Contractors.

Find a qualified Home Performance contractor today.

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Schedule a free Virtual Energy Checkup

Get free advice from an energy advisor as you tour your home together virtually, using a smartphone or tablet. Your advisor will make recommendations for saving energy based on your unique needs.

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Here is a breakdown on how the Home Performance with ENERGY STAR Checkup works.


Take Survey

Take the five-minute online Energy Analyzer Assessment. It’s fast and it’s easy.

Select Contractor

Visit aps.com/qti to find a qualified Home Performance contractor near you.

View Report

A few days after the checkup, the contractor will present you with a customized assessment report of your home with recommendations, costs and savings estimates.

Choose Upgrades

Choose the upgrades you’d like to have performed. Once your upgrades have been made, APS offers a third party quality assurance inspection at no cost to you. This inspection is to verify that the work you requested was properly executed and the equipment was accurately installed. Your contractor will provide you with further information about the inspection process.

Receive Rebates

Once the work is completed, your contractor will submit any rebate application forms on your behalf. Please note: ONLY participating contractors can submit applications for rebates to APS. Once we have received and approved the application, your rebate will be issued. Please be sure to provide your APS account information to your contractor to avoid delays in processing your rebate.

Pearl Certification

Did you know that the home improvements you make might increase the value of your home? The best way to find out is to get a Green and Energy Efficient Appraisal Addendum Report. We have partnered with Pearl Certification, a national firm licensed by the Appraisal Institute to complete their Green and Energy Efficient Appraisal Addendum Report. If you’re interested in getting an appraisal, we will provide Pearl the information they need to certify your home improvements.

To become a qualified contractor, please call: 602-532-2991 (metro Phoenix) 877-850-8358 (other areas) or email azhomeperformance@fsl.org.
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