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solar panels
Discover the financial, environmental and lifestyle advantages of installing rooftop solar panels on your home. We offer solar panel incentives to any customers who live in an area connected to our grid.

solar water heating
Installing a solar water heater in your home makes sense in Arizona where it’s easy to harness the sun’s energy. It can cost as little as $1,000 when you combine our incentive with federal and state tax credits.

solar space heating
Solar space heaters use the sun’s heat to efficiently warm areas in your home while lowering your energy cost. They’re particularly effective in Arizona’s cooler climates.

​before you apply

Adding a renewable energy system to your home or business is an even better investment when it’s ‘right-sized.’  Understanding how you use energy - and knowing how much energy you can save through efficiency - are the best first steps. 

APS solar incentives are paid for by our customers. Find out how the renewable energy surcharge affects your bill. 


incentive levels

Our incentive programs are designed to help stabilize your energy costs and encourage you to use more solar and other renewable energy sources.