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aps storage rewards program

(Program is full and no longer accepting new applications)
The APS Storage Rewards program offers a residential battery storage option, with an APS-owned battery system, to customers in targeted areas, without the hassle or expense of owning their own. 
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The Sunverge One battery will be managed and maintained by us and participants will switch to or remain on Saver Choice Plus or Saver Choice Max service plans and receive a one-time participation bill credit of $500. We will manage the use of the battery – we’ll charge it during off-peak hours and use the energy stored in the battery during high energy use periods. This will help us study the impact of using battery storage as an energy source during high energy demand periods.​​​​​ ​​

We’re looking to partner with qualified customers in targeted areas that meet the program criteria.
  The program:

  • is available for a limited time in targeted areas only 

  • provides a one-time APS bill credit of $500 

  • is a FREE program with no cost to you 

  • is for qualified single-family, detached homes in targeted areas that: 

    • have enough shaded space for a 3’ x 6.5’ battery

    • have an electrical panel that can accommodate a 220 volt breaker

  • is available to customers who are currently enrolled on or willing to switch to one of the eligible service plans, Saver Choice Plus or Saver Choice Max for the duration of the program

Customers who have rooftop solar and are currently on a grandfathered service plan with net metering would need to switch to the Saver Choice Plus or Saver Choice Max service plan and would not be able to go back to a grandfathered service plan once the program has ended.

Customer must own the home and it must be the primary residence. Program offer is limited to one home site


how it works

The APS Storage Rewards program was offered to qualified residential customers that meet the eligibility requirements. The program is at capacity and is no longer accepting new applications. If you have applied or are on the Storage Rewards wait list, read further for more information on how the application process works: 


  1. If you meet the basic eligibly requirements, you will be prompted to complete an application and will need to sign an agreement    


  3. Once your information has been verified, you’ll be contacted to schedule an appointment to have an installer come to your home to conduct a site survey


  5. If your home passes the site survey, you’ll be contacted to schedule the installation of the battery on the side of your home    


  7. Once the battery is installed, it will be inspected by your local municipality    


  9. We verify that the city or county has provided a clearance, and that the battery meets our interconnection and labeling requirements; we then supply the appropriate meters, after which the installer tests the system and turns it on  


  11. You will then receive the one-time participation $500 bill credit    


  13. From time to time, we will complete on-site equipment tests and service appointments

is your home ready for battery storage?

There are many conditions that make a home the perfect candidate for the APS Storage Rewards program.  The following qualifiers will help you determine if your home is ideal.

  • located in targeted area

  • single-family detached home

  • enough shaded space on the side of the home to accommodate an 3’ x 6.5’ battery

  • electrical panel that can accommodate a 220 volt breaker
how to save on the saver choice plus or saver choice max service plans
With a time-of-use service plan like Saver Choice Plus or Saver Choice Max, that includes a peak hour usage (demand) charge, saving energy and money is as easy as Shift, Stagger and Save.
  • Shift the use of energy to off-peak hours when energy is a lower cost. For example, set your dishwasher to run on a delay cycle and your pool pump on a timer to run after 8pm weekdays

  • Stagger the use of major appliances during on-peak hours like your oven, dryer, water heater, pool pump and AC

  • Save energy and money on your overall usage by taking advantage of some basic energy efficiency programs, tips and tools. Take advantage of one of our rebate programs, set your thermostat a few degrees higher in the summer and lower in the winter




Click here to view FAQs about the APS Storage Rewards Program.