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The APS Reserve Rewards program offers eligible customers in targeted areas a free Ruud connected water heater, from Rheem valued at $6,000 with free professional installation.
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With the Reserve Rewards program, you will receive a free brand-new water heater and we will heat the water during off-peak (lower cost) hours. And, due to the efficiency and size of the tank, you would have adequate hot water whenever it is needed.

This new technology solution allows us to shift energy use away from times when demand is highest and electricity costs more. And for helping us, eligible participants will receive, at no cost, a 100% up front rebate for a Ruud connected heat pump water heater, from Rheem. That’s a value of up to $6,000 with professional installation included.

The Reserve Rewards program is:

  • available for a limited-time in targeted areas only

  • a free program with no cost to you (instant 100% rebate for the water heater)

  • for qualified homes in targeted areas that:

    • use an electric water heater

    • don't have a solar or tankless water heater

    • have enough space for a 30" x 74" water heater plus clearance for additional equipment

    • have Wi-Fi connection

  • available to customers currently on or willing to switch to the Saver Choice, Saver Choice Plus, or Saver Choice Max service plan

Other restrictions may apply.


how it works

The APS Reserve Rewards program is offered to qualified residential customers who meet the eligibility requirements.

1. To apply, simply answer a few pre-qualification questions.   

2. If you meet the basic eligibility requirements, you will be prompted to complete an application and will need to sign an agreement and upload a photograph of your current water heater, showing where it is located at your home.  

3. Once your information has been verified, the installer will review the application and perform a remote analysis based on the photo you upload.    

4. If the location of your water heater appears to be able to accommodate the heat pump water heater, you will be contacted by the installer to schedule a site survey appointment at your home.  

5. If your home passes the site survey, the installer will complete the installation of the water heater at a mutually convenient time. You will be able to use the water heater as soon as it is installed.  

6. We will do a remote inspection to make sure the water heater is properly connected to our system and operating according to a schedule that reduces on-peak usage.  

7. If you are not currently on one of our Saver Choice plans, your service plan will be updated, to ensure maximum benefit from the scheduled operation of your new heat pump water heater.

Answer the pre-qualification questions to find out if your home is eligible.

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For more information, see the Reserve Rewards Program ​FAQs.