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when we save, you save
​As a part of our commitment to deliver affordable energy, we’re passing savings onto our customers. Thanks to tax cuts and lower operating costs, we are returning more than $200 million in savings to our customers.
tax reduction
This year we’re passing $86 million in federal tax reform savings directly to our customers. This is in addition to $119 million in tax savings we began returning to our customers last year. And we’ve proposed even more savings.

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power supply adjustor (psa)
Customers are receiving a cost reduction on their monthly bills as a result of lower APS operating costs. Overall, combining the PSA and tax savings, bills are $14 per month lower for the average electricity user compared to one year ago.

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other ways we are bringing savings to our customers

rate plans

We offer a variety of plans, giving customers a choice for how to save. For example, on our time-of-use plans, households save by shifting energy use to lower-cost off-peak hours.




assistance programs

Crisis Bill Assistance offers temporary relief of up to $400
to cover current or past-due APS bills. Energy Support Program gives limited-income households
a 25% discount on monthly electric bills.


stable electricity rates

Over the past 25 years, APS residential rates have increased at less than half the rate of inflation*. *Inflation data provided by the US Bureau of Labor Statistics (USBLS) – Consumer Price Index.