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The more you shift your use of energy to
off-peak (lower cost) hours, the more you will save


The more you stagger the use of major appliances during on-peak (higher cost) hours, the more you will save


Save by reducing your overall energy usage and taking advantage of our cost-saving programs, tips and tools

Shift and save with this plan:

Shifting tips:

  • Set your dishwasher to run on a delay cycle  during off-peak hours
  • Do laundry during the weekend
  • Put your pool pump on a timer to run overnight


Stagger and save with these plans:

​Staggering tips:

  • Vary the use of major appliances, like your AC, oven, electric dryer and water heater, trying not to use more than 2 at the same time.
  • Set a programmable thermostat to turn down your AC after dinner


Save overall with these plans:

Saving tips:


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Shift, Stagger & Save​​​​​​​​​​​​​
business saving tips
lower your company's energy bill​​​
If your rate plan includes a peak hour usage charge (customers who use 20kW or more per month), the more you can stagger the use of top energy using machinery and equipment to help manage your peak hour usage, the more you will save.
And business customers on all rate plans can save by reducing overall energy use and taking advantage of our cost-saving programs, rebates, tips and tools.
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Saving tips:

  • Take advantage of our Solutions for Business programs and rebates
  • Turn your AC up a few degrees during the summer and down during the winter
  • Tune up your AC and save up to 20% on cooling costs
  • Install occupancy sensors that will automatically turn lights on and off in rooms that are not continuously occupied and install LED lighting

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