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Here you can view information on all available residential rebates on Please click on the numbers for more information in an area of interest to you.

Today's heat pumps and AC units are up to 50% more efficient than units made 15 years ago, so you can significantly reduce your energy costs when you purchase a new high-efficiency AC system and have it properly installed. APS has rebates up to $245 towards the purchase of a qualifying new heat pump or AC unit that is installed by a rebate eligible contractor.

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Air leaks through attic penetrations, lighting fixtures, windows, and doors can decrease your home's comfort and efficiency. Available exclusively through Home Performance with ENERGY STAR®, APS offers up to $250 in rebates for sealing air leaks.

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Installing compact fluorescent light (CFL) bulbs is one of the easiest ways to start making an impact on your energy bills. You can save up to $40 over the life of each CFL you install. APS has partnered with local retailers to offer discounts on ENERGY STAR compact fluorescent lighting, so you can buy most CFLs for less than $1.

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For only $99, a Home Performance with ENERGY STAR® Checkup can help identify energy waste in your home and provide recommendations that can save you money and improve comfort throughout your house.

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The average house can lose 15% or more of its cooling and heating through poorly sealed ducts, loose fittings or disconnected duct runs. Repairing leaks in your home's ductwork can save energy and improve the comfort and air quality in your home. APS offers rebates of up to $400 off the cost of having your home's duct leaks repaired by a contractor with a Building Performance Institute (BPI) Building Analyst Certificate.

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When combined with air sealing properly insulating your attic will save energy, improve comfort, and help balance temperatures throughout your home. Available exclusively through Home Performance with ENERGY STAR®, APS offers up to $250 for insulation improvements.

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Did you know that your pool may be one of the largest consumers of electricity in your house? APS is now offering rebates up to $100 on qualifying ENERGY STAR variable-speed pool pumps that can save you up to 50% on your pool energy costs.

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Since as much as 15% of your energy bill can come from heating water, installing a solar water heater makes financial sense. And, APS rebates and federal and state tax incentives help make purchasing a solar water heater affordable. Install one now and start heating your water for free!

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