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Clean your pool, not your wallet. We offer rebates on qualifying
ENERGY STAR® variable-speed pool pumps.



why buy an efficient pool pump?
  • uses up to 70% less energy than standard pool pumps
  • saves up to $340 per year in energy costs, and up to $2,900 over the lifetime of the pump
  • prolongs the life of your pool’s filtering system
  • runs quieter than most standard pumps
  • earns you a rebate when you buy a qualifying ENERGY STAR variable-speed pool pump
​ ​​​

  • current APS customer
  • pool located in an APS service area
  • pump installed on single-family residential, in-ground pool
The pump must be an ENERGY STAR qualifying new unit (new or rebuilt motors don't qualify). Rebate amounts are limited to 1 pump rebate per household.
Please note, your rebate must be submitted within 90 days of the purchasing date to qualify. 
how it works
option 1
  • purchase any new ENERGY STAR certified variable-speed pool pump from the approved list at a participating retailer
  • earn an instant discount when you show a copy of your APS bill and a photo ID at the time of purchase to confirm rebate eligibility
  • sign a rebate application form authorizing your retailer to receive the discount on your behalf
  • have the participating partner perform a calibration at installation to optimize the efficiency of your pump’s settings

option 2
  • purchase any new ENERGY STAR certified variable-speed pool pump from the approved list
  • download an individual application and send, along with an invoice or receipt, to:

    fax: (866)263-2148

    APS Pool Rebates
    PO Box 2445
    Spokane, WA 99210-2445
  • once these documents are received, an APS-certified pool professional will call you to schedule a calibration appointment to optimize pump settings 

Questions? Call us at 800-230-8904 and a representative will walk you through the process.
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Fred D., Phoenix, AZ
Fred was already an energy-conscious consumer when he first heard about the APS Energy Efficient Pool Pump Program – he ran his pool pump at low-usage hours and shut the pool down over the winter. But even starting from a good level of energy-efficiency, he’s seen impressive results since he had a new pump installed as part of the APS program.
It started with his determination to upgrade his house by increasing its energy efficiency, rather than “putting money into things that don’t matter.” He calls the new pool pump “the first step in doing what people should be doing, instead of buying better furniture first.”
It began with serendipitous timing. Fred had seen an APS commercial about the Energy Efficient Pool Pump program, and just days later he attended a home show. He came across the APS booth, connected it with the commercial and asked for more information. Then he started his own research.
“I have a pool guy that comes by, and I trust his judgment,” Fred says. “I asked him about the APS pumps, and he said they were good, and that people he worked with who installed them benefited greatly – money and energy savings, longevity, a number of positives.”
So Fred took the plunge, and found the process simple and timely. “It was so easy,” he says. “I called APS and they sent a brochure and a list of qualified installers. The installer I chose came in and took care of all the forms and everything. It was a piece of cake; it was over in a day.”
As he was considering the new pump, Fred did some calculation on his return on investment – and then he followed up on it, meticulously.
After having the new pump installed in August 2010, he factored in his air-conditioning use based on comparing current temperatures with those from a year before. Nothing else in his usage patterns had changed, so when he saw that he was paying $40 less per month for electricity, he knew it was directly attributable to the new pump.
“APS was right in saying the new pump would use 70 to 90 percent less energy,” he reports. “I’m always skeptical, but I have time to pay attention to these kinds of things. I treated it like a science experiment.”
Taking the calculations further, Fred has determined that, with his seasonal pool use, he’ll pay off the net cost of the new pump in three years.
And he’s been more than pleased with its performance as well. “It’s very quiet,” he says. “Before I could lean my head out the window and hear my old pump working. With the new one I have to get within ten feet of it to hear it. It’s supposed to last much longer and need less maintenance; I ran it at the end of last year and then started it up again in March, and so far I’ve had no problems at all.”
Adding it all up, Fred has not just become a satisfied APS customer – he also recommends the program to others. “I’ve already recommended it,” he says. “My wife’s grandparents are getting one for their pool. And I’ve told other people – you really can’t beat it.”

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