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Get energy saving recommendations and estimates that make sense for you. Answer a few questions to start saving and see if your home would benefit from a home energy checkup.
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why get a checkup?
Request a Home Performance with ENERGY STAR® Checkup for as low as $99 (a $400 value) and specially trained contractors can diagnose your home and identify energy saving upgrades to:
  • reduce hot/cold spots and balance temperatures year round
  • make your home more energy efficient, which can save you money
  • improve the health, safety and indoor air quality of your home
Within a few days of your checkup, your contractors will present a customized assessment report of your home identifying energy saving upgrades.
Deciding to proceed with the recommended upgrades, could save you up to 3​0% on your energy bill and your contractor can help you take advantage of our rebates and financing offers.

for further questions about the program

how it works
take the 5 minute Energy Analyzer
choose your upgrades
complete your work
schedule your Home Energy Checkup
apply for rebates​
Fill out an application and select a Participating contractor to get started.
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sample measures
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Optimize the air flow to all rooms when you seal your home’s leaky ducts with mastic
or aerosol-based sealant and balance the duct system.
Almost 15% of cooling energy is wasted because of duct leakage.

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air leaks
Doors and windows can be hotspots for leaks, but often more air escapes through
attic penetrations, electrical outlets and lighting fixtures.
Sealing air leaks is a critical step to improving your home’s comfort and energy efficiency.​

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​Properly insulating your attic saves energy, improves comfort and helps balance temperatures throughout your home, especially when combined with sealing air leaks.
Your participating contractor may recommend repairs to existing insulation or adding insulation.

get started

Fill out an application and select a participating contractor to get started. 

National Bank of Arizona offers financing for our residential customers through the APS Home Performance with ENERGY STAR®. 
  • access low interest rates
  • no up-front financing costs and low fixed APR (credit approval is required and other restrictions may apply)
Business customers can check out financing through our Solutions for Business Program.​
eligible energy-efficiency improvements
  • duct sealing, air sealing and insulation
  • qualified heating and cooling equipment
  • variable speed pool pumps
  • led lighting retrofits
  • solar water heaters
financing terms
  • complete your Home Performance with ENERGY STAR check-up
  • loan amounts from $1,000 to $15,000
  • loan amounts, which include solar water heaters, available up to $20,000
  • no loan origination or documentation fee
  • low fixed annual percentage rate (APR)-unsecured loan options up to 60 months
  • secured loan options up to 120 months​
​important conditions
  • credit approval required, other restrictions may apply
  • participating contractor must perform improvements
  • financing may include health and safety-based measures required for installation of eligible energy efficiency improvement
  • program terms and conditions subject to change without notice
  • payment example from an unsecured loan: 5.99% APR, 36 monthly payments of $30.42 per $1,000 borrowed (subject to rate)
  • payment example for a secured loan: 5.99% APR, 84 monthly payments of $14.60 per $1,000 borrowed (subject to rate)
For additional rate and program information, visit National Bank of Arizona 
The Home Performance with Energy Star® program is funded by APS customers and approved by the Arizona Corporation Commission.​

discover your energy saving potential

A Home Performance Checkup is a great way to identify opportunities to improve the comfort, efficiency and safety of your home.

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