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Your pool may be one of your home’s largest consumers of electricity so it’s important to know how to save energy. Our pool and spa tips will help you keep your pool clean, clear and healthy while saving you money.
pool & spa tips
  • turn off the heater when you do not plan to use your pool for an extended period
  • a pool cover can prevent about 4,000 gallons of water from evaporating from a 450-square-foot-pool each year
  • variable-speed pool pumps are significantly quieter than standard pumps
  • variable-speed pool pumps run much cooler than older models and they can last longer
  • an electric spa costs about $4 to heat from 70° to 100° and about $1 per day to maintain that temperature, so if you aren’t using your spa for the next 4 days, turn it off and save energy
  • lower your spa’s water temperature and watch your energy savings add up
  • installing a variable-speed pool pump can save up to 70% of your pool’s energy cost - as much as $340 a year
  • cover your spa whenever it’s not in use
  • heat your spa using electricity and save up to $50 per year