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Arizona winters are comparatively mild, but they can be tough on your electric bill if you haven’t prepared your home. We’ve got tips to help you conserve energy and keep you comfortable.
heating tips
  • use an extra blanket to keep warm while you’re sleeping
  • tightly caulk around windows, doorframes, sill plates and wherever air might leak through exterior walls, floors or ceiling
  • turn off exhaust fans in the bathroom and kitchen when you finish showering or cooking
  • open your blinds during the day to let in the sun and close them at night to hold in the heat
  • avoid using a portable electric heater as your main heating source to provide full-time heat  
  • cooking helps heat your home in winter, but don’t use your oven as the primary heat source
  • switch ceiling fans to run clockwise in winter months to circulate warm air down
  • install tempered glass fireplace doors to reduce heat loss
  • remove electric outlet covers and insert special insulation underneath to prevent hot or cold air from seeping into your home
  • change your air filters monthly to improve the performance and efficiency of your air conditioner
  • during the winter, set the thermostat at 60° or lower while you’re on vacation
  • set the thermostat at 68° or lower if you'll be away from home for several hours during the winter