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Cooling accounts for 40% of the energy consumption in an average Arizona home. Energy demand rises in summer, with weather responsible for up to 70% of your electric bill. Read our ​​tips for lower cooling bills.

save on cooling costs

raising your thermostat by 1 degree saves 2 - 3% on energy cooling costs — set your thermostat to 79° and use fans to feel up to 5° cooler

cooling tips
  • If you are on one of our time-of-use plans (Saver Choice, Saver Choice Plus or Saver Choice Max): consider using a programmable thermostat (or a smart thermostat) to ‘pre-cool’ your home by several degrees prior to on-peak hours. If you are using a smart thermostat, turn off the “geofencing” feature so that it doesn’t interfere with your time-of-use schedule. If you have more than one air conditioner, and one controls part of the house you don’t use as much, consider turning the thermostat up a few more degrees during on-peak hours
  • have your air conditioner serviced yearly to ensure it operates efficiently
  • keep cool by using the ceiling fan when you enter a room – turn up your thermostat a few degrees and still stay cool
  • program your thermostat to turn up the temperature when you are not home
  • plant low water use shade trees in front of south, east, or west facing windows to keep sunlight from heating up your home in the summer months
  • tightly caulk around windows, doorframes, sill plates and wherever air might leak through exterior walls, floors or ceiling
  • turn off unnecessary lights and appliances; they add heat to your home
  • change your air filters monthly to improve the performance and efficiency of your air conditioner

keep your cool!

The APS Home Performance with ENERGY STAR® program can help you evaluate your existing system and identify opportunities to improve your home's comfort and efficiency.