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Owning an energy-efficient home gives you control over your energy use and saves you money, too. We’re partnering with ENERGY STAR®  and a number of Arizona homebuilders to offer you an energy-efficient choice when you buy a new home.​
Projected energy savings can also mean additional home upgrades, or space for your money.

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​Search for your new ENERGY STAR home built by an APS partner builder.


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​​why buy an efficient new home?


APS ENERGY STAR® Homes are at least 20% more energy-efficient than typical new homes. A well-built efficient home can help you save money every month by using less energy.​
  • lower monthly costs 
  • increased comfort
  • improved quality & durability
  • better indoor air quality
  • reduced noise
did you know?
Even a brand new home can have ducts that leak. In an APS ENERGY STAR® Home, your builder tightly seals frame openings and ducts, and then third part inspectors verify efficient with a test to check for leaks.
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Evaluating monthly bills and repair costs. ​​How will your wallet benefit from a more energy efficient home?
Which home features are most important? ​Why should you look for a home with efficiency benefits?​​
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Weigh the pros and cons, and consider the whole cost picture. Who should you speak with when considering purchasing a home?​​​​​​
Meet with a loan officer to get pre-qualified. ​What type of financing do you quality for?
​schedule home tours​
See what’s currently available in the housing market. ​Which home option is best suited for you?
​energy efficiency
Discover the features a new home has to offer. ​Why should you consider purchasing a new, ENERGY STAR home?​
​decision time
Consider all the options, including upfront and long term cost. Which home makes the most sense for you, based on wants/needs?​
Spending time in their new home! How will you spend free time in your new home?​

analyze your energy use

learn how you use energy and find new ways to save.