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Many of the same things you do to keep your home cool in summer will keep you warm in winter, too.
use your ceiling fan

Set your ceiling fan at a low speed to move warm air around the room. It will spread the heat more evenly and increase your comfort level without creating a chilly breeze.​

lower your thermostat
Reduce your heating bill by 1 to 3% when you lower your thermostat just 1°. Install a programmable thermostat and save even more.
be patient
You won’t warm up your home any faster if you raise the thermostat setting. Your heating system runs at the same rate, regardless of the temperature setting.
heating tips
  • use an extra blanket to keep warm while you’re sleeping
  • change your air filters monthly to improve the performance and efficiency of your air conditioner
  • remove electric outlet covers and insert special insulation underneath to prevent hot or cold air from seeping into your home
  • open your blinds during the day to let in the sun and close them at night to hold in the heat



analyze your energy use

learn how you use energy and to find new ways to save.