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​Cooling your home can account for up to half of your annual energy bill. Save up to 10% on your cooling costs with a $70 rebate for a cool control program device.
how does cool control save energy?
Did you know that your air conditioner still holds cold air after it stops running? After your air compressor shuts off, cooling capacity remains because the cooling coil is still cold. Cool control devices take advantage of this by running the fan a few minutes longer to take advantage of the cold coil by blowing air across it to continue to cool your house.
For most systems, the fan will run for up to 5 minutes after your air compressor turns off. On extremely hot days the fan may run for longer periods of time with the air compressor cycling on and off. Even though the fan uses electricity to run, running your entire air conditioning system uses more. The device runs your fan more while the coil is still cool to save money from not needing the whole system turned on.
By using all of the cooling capacity from your air conditioner you can save up to 10% on your cooling bill. The cool control device saves energy every time your AC unit runs.
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That sounds great, but will it work for me? 
Cool control program devices work on most central air conditioning systems by taking advantage of our dry climate. They also work with some types of heat pumps. The devices are not meant to work on window units.
How do I get started?
Contact a participating contractor to install and set the cool control device for your house. They will submit the $70 rebate application for you. All you need to do is enjoy your savings.​

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confirm your eligibility
To qualify for a rebate, have a participating contractor install an approved Cool Control program device in accordance with the APS Quality Installation Standards.
rebate guidelines​
  • current APS residential customer
  • installation of a new, approved cool control device
  • currently approved cool control program equipment includes the Western Cooling Control TM (WCC) from Proctor Engineering 
  • ​rebate amounts are per unit for residential systems. a maximum of 5 units per home qualify. (the rebate applies to whole-house heat pumps and AC systems; window units and mini-splits do not qualify)
  • participating contractor must submit rebate application into the online system within 6 months of installation date 
  • please allow 6-8 weeks for rebate processing
schedule an appointment with a participating contractor
Email or call us at 602-371-3636 (metro Phoenix area) or 888-890-9730 (outside Phoenix) for a free referral of up to 3 qualified contractors. All of the participating contractors are also listed here.
find a contractor
why use an APS Cool Control rebate program participating contractor?
An APS participating contractor is licensed, bonded, insured and committed to rigorous ongoing training.
Many contractors in this program are APS Qualified Contractors* and:
  • are members of the Arizona Heat Pump Council
  • are in good standing with the Better Business Bureau and Arizona Registrar of Contractors 
  • have signed performance pledges and participate in a customer dispute resolution process
​​​save money
Participating contractors ensure the system's fan runtime is properly set. This will save you money and ensure the system works as intended with the cool control device.
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Absolute Zero Inc

Accurate Air Conditioning
Advantage Home Performance, Inc.
Verde Vallley
Alien Air Conditioning and Heating, LLC
Anthony James Air Conditioning & Heating LLC
Arizona Going Green LLC
Scottsdale & Metro Phoenix
Arizona Solar Wave & Energy LLC
Mesa, Phoenix-Metro
Autumn Air Heating & Cooling, LLC
AZ Energy Efficient Home
Climate Control Experts

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your participating contractor’s role
Work with your participating contractor to ensure your new cool control device is installed to the APS Quality Installation Standards. Your participating contractor is responsible for submitting the rebate application form to APS. 
This program is funded by APS customers and approved by the Arizona Corporation Commission.

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