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Sunshine and summer are an integral part of Arizona. With weather like this, it’s especially important to keep your air conditioning system in tip-top shape. Our rebates can help.
​why an advanced tune-up?
State-of-the-art diagnostic equipment makes the APS advanced ac tune-up a  more precise, reliable way to get your equipment back into shape and running efficiently. This equipment will even verify your unit's refrigerant charge and airflow is correct. You won't get that from a basic tune-up!
Plus, if a participating contractor does the Advanced Tune-up there is a $95 incentive per system. We recommend performing an advanced AC tune-up once every 6 years. In the Phoenix area, the ideal time is between April and October when temperatures are above 75°.
Diagnostics Performed​
Basic AC Tune-up
APS Advanced AC Tune-up​
Check thermostat operation​
Clean or replace standard filter (customer supplied)
Verify your home's air flow and cooling temperature output​
Check your AC's refrigerant charge and adjust as needed
(Refrigerant leak checks, repairs and adding refrigerant will incur additional costs quoted by your contractor.)​
Digitally check your AC's refrigerant charge and adjust as needed​
Chemically clean condenser and evaporator coil
(Indoor coil may require cleaning and may incur additional contractor charges.)​
Lubricate motors (if applicable)
Inspect all AC electrical components, including fan blades and condenser coils for wear and damage​
Tighten loose electrical connections​
Clean blower wheel
Check and adjust fan speeds (as needed)
Inspect drain line and drain pan​
Basic drain line cleaning
(Severe blockages may incur additional contractor charges.)​
Check and digitally record air temperature differential between the supply and return air system​
Digitally measure air conditioning equipment performance before and after the tune-up  ​
Eligible for $95 rebate per system​
A recent study found that more than 55% of existing AC units had issues causing them to waste electricity in summer and winter. That costs you money.​

​​ ​​​​​

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Improve your AC system’s performance by up to 10% and increase the life of your equipment with our advanced AC tune-up. We’ll even pay you a $95 rebate per system when a participating contractor performs your tune-up using state-of-the art diagnostic equipment.
confirm your eligibility
For rebate eligibility, have a participating contractor with the required diagnostic equipment complete your advanced ac tune-up.

rebate guidelines
·         current aps residential customer
·         ac unit or heat pump is at least 3 years old and 2 to 5 tons in size
·         maximum of 5 units per home are eligible. rebate amount is per unit. (applies to whole-house heat pumps and ac systems)
·         ductwork must be connected to ac equipment
·         may be a package or split system (mini splits don’t qualify)
additional information
·         results from the advanced ac tune-up are best when outdoor temperatures are 75 degrees or higher
·        your ac unit or heat pump needs to be functional without any refrigerant leaks before the advanced AC tune-up can be completed; it does not help to tune up a unit that is leaking or has significant operational issues.
·         your contractor may charge additional fees for cleaning the indoor coil or performing any repairs to get the equipment operating
·         your contractor could charge a service call fee as a substitute for the tune-up charge if you do not repair refrigerant leaks or decline work necessary to get the unit running well enough for the diagnostic test
schedule a tune-up with a participating contractor
Email or call us at 602-371-3636 (phoenix area) or 888-890-9730 (outside Phoenix) for a free referral of up to 3 qualified contractors. All participating contractors are listed here.

your participating contractor’s role
Your participating contractor will:
  • provide a comprehensive evaluation of your system to ensure that your air flow and cooling output are operating at peak efficiency
  • use the required diagnostic equipment to verify the output of your home’s air flow and cooling temperature
  • check your AC’s refrigerant charge and adjust it as needed
  • fill out and submit the rebate application to APS (homes with multiple AC units complete a rebate form for each system)
Refrigerant leaks greater than 10% of the total system charge must be repaired and paid for prior to your tune-up. You could incur additional cost quotes from your contractor for refrigerant leak checks, repairs and adding refrigerant.
Please allow 6-8 weeks for rebate processing.

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participating contractors

Participating contractors are licensed, bonded and insured. Their service technicians are trained on the APS advanced AC tune-up standards.

why use an APS participating contractor?
An APS participating contractor is licensed, bonded, insured and committed to rigorous ongoing training.
Many contractors in this program are APS Qualified Contractors* and:
  • are members of the Arizona Heat Pump Council
  • are in good standing with the Better Business Bureau and Arizona Registrar of Contractors 
  • have signed performance pledges and participate in a customer dispute resolution process
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Airnow Cooling and Heating

Alien Air Conditioning and Heating, LLC
Autumn Air Heating & Cooling, LLC
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Cool Zone Air Conditioning and Heating

Isley's Home Service, Inc.
Larson Air Conditioning LLC

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Prescott Valley
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This program is funded by APS customers and approved by the Arizona Corporation Commission.

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