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Installing a solar water heater in your home makes sense in Arizona where it’s easy to harness the sun’s energy. It can be even more affordable when you combine our incentive with federal and state tax credits.

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solar water heaters
We’ll show you how easy it is to get a solar water heater installed in your home and how simple it is to apply for your incentive payment and tax credit.
how solar water heaters work
  1. The rooftop solar collector absorbs sunlight.
  2. It heats the water or transfer fluid.
  3. Hot water travels into a holding tank, ready to use, or hot transfer fluid travels through pipes to heat water in your tank.
  4. The water or fluid circulates back through the system, keeping it hot.
  5. Your backup system works at night to provide more hot water after you’ve used all the solar-heated water in the tank.
getting started
To receive the full incentive, you’re required to contribute at least 15% of the actual system cost after applying all utility and tax incentives. You’ll need to sign an agreement with an installer before submitting your application for incentive funding.