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Our incentive programs are designed to help stabilize your energy costs and encourage you to use renewable energy.
incentive funding update
APS currently offers incentives for both residential and business customers for solar water heating. The 2015 budget consists of $500,000 in incentives.
Although we are currently not offering incentives for grid-tied solar rooftop systems, residential customers can continue to participate in the APS Renewable Energy Program and should apply for interconnection to our grid.
solar water heating – up to $.40/kWh
​Heating water can account for up to 15% of your home’s energy bill. And installing a solar water heater could save you money.
Our incentives, combined with federal and state tax credits, could save you up to 80% on the cost of your water heater. It’s an investment that will quickly pay for itself and save you money for years to come.


eligibility requirements
You’re required to pay at least 15% of the project cost before our incentive and federal and state tax credits apply.
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solar space heating - up to $0.50/kWh
Use the sun’s heat to efficiently warm your home with a solar space heater. It’s a clean, low-cost source of warmth.
The incentive amount is based on the first-year estimated kWh savings your system provides.
channel the earth’s heat

​Geothermal energy can be used to provide home heat or cooling and as an energy source to help heat water.


​Systems installed within our territory are eligible for geothermal incentives.
  • earn up to $0.45/watt in savings for electric generation
  • earn up to $0.80 in savings for space heating
We’ll review project details with your contractor or installer to confirm the energy output of your geothermal space heating system.
harness the wind

​Some areas of Arizona have good wind resources that can be harnessed as an inexpensive, clean and renewable energy source.


on-grid wind incentives
​We offer incentives for wind energy systems that are tied to our power lines (on-grid).
  • earn up to $2.25/watt 


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