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Many factors can affect your bill, from the temperature setting on your air conditioner or water heater to whether you leave exhaust fans on in your bathroom or kitchen. 
why has my bill changed this season?
From the summer heat in southern Arizona to the winter season in northern Arizona, seasonal changes can have an effect on your energy bill.   

temperature changes
With Arizona’s extreme summer temperatures your bill may increase as much as 50%. Even if you don't change your thermostat setting, air conditioners run longer as temperatures become hotter which increases energy usage.

seasonal electric rates
​Billing rates change seasonally. Our summer rates go into effect in May and continue through October when Arizona’s energy demand is higher. Our winter rates apply from November through April when energy demand is lower.

estimated meter reads
The kilowatt hour reading on your meter is continuous and any meter reads that are estimated will automatically adjust the following month.

more people in the home
  • new baby
  • student home from college
  • house guests
  • school break
  • recent retirement
changes to your home
  • remodeling or room additions
  • new window, new drapes or broken sunscreens
  • skylights and light tubes
energy saving tips

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