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We support the expansion of renewable energy use in Arizona. That’s why we offer two service plans providing practical ways you can produce a portion of the electricity you consume.
renewable plan options
Selecting the best service plan can help you maximize the benefits of your renewable energy system. Find the EPR (electrical partial requirements) plan that's right for you. 
epr-2 net billing
With our net billing plan, we’ll give you a per kilowatt hour (kWh) credit on your bill for any excess kWh your system produces.
call 602-216-0318 to learn more & enroll
epr-6 net metering
Our net-metering plan uses bi-directional meters, which record the energy that is delivered to the customer as well as the energy that is sent from the customer to APS. 
  • If you produce more electricity than you use, your monthly bill will show a kWh credit.
  • We’ll credit your account at a cent per kWh rate for any kWh credit that remains at the end of each calendar year, or when you close your account.
  • generating unit must be no more than 125% of your total connected load
  • participants are ineligible to participate in the Equalizer, Green Choice and summary billing plans
call 602-216-0318 to learn more & sign up
switching to an epr plan
Already have a solar system installed on your home? Call us at 602-216-0318 to discuss switching to an EPR rate plan. 
changes to epr rates approved april 2014
The Arizona Corporation Commission recently approved changes to APS’s EPR-2 (net billing) and EPR-6 (net metering) rates in April.  
background on changes
  • the rates that APS pays for the excess kWh your system produces increased slightly to reflect the higher natural gas prices
  • epr-2 (net billing) and epr-6 (net metering) rates are based on a predetermined calculation, approved by the ACC, which goes up or down based mostly on natural gas prices
rate details for non-firm power
Non-firm power is electric power which is supplied by the customer’s generator, such as a solar or PV system, at the customer’s option, where no firm guarantee is provided and the power can be interrupted by the customer at any time.
epr-6 changes
Rates are not prorated and will apply to the full excess kWhs at the end of the year or when the account is closed.
previous rates
current rates
(approved April 2014)
time-of-use on-peak
time-of-use off-peak
other plans
epr-2 changes
time advantage 7 pm - noon
(on-peak noon - 7 pm, Monday-Friday, all other hours off-peak) 
previous rates
current rates 
(effective May 2014)
time advantage 9 pm - 9 am
(on-peak 9 am - 9 pm, Monday-Friday, all other hours off-peak) 
previous rates
current rates 
(effective May 2014)
summer (may-oct)
winter (nov-apr)
9 pm - 11 am plans
(on-peak 11 am - 9 pm, Monday-Friday, all other hours off-peak) 
previous rates
current rates 
(effective May 2014)

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connecting service with an installed solar system
Does your home have an existing solar system installed that needs to be connected to service? Call 602-216-0318 and we’ll set up your order and help you select the EPR service plan that’s right for you.

APS solar incentives are paid for by our customers. Find out how the renewable energy surcharge affects your bill.


analyze your energy use

learn how you use energy and to find new ways to save.