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It takes a lot of electricity to keep cool during Arizona’s hot summers. By reducing the energy load, we can share our cost-savings with you.
peak plans
Our peak plans let you save even more money when you can shift your energy usage to off-peak hours, especially during the summer. We offer these incentive plans to say “thanks” for working with us to reduce our energy load.

limit summer & peak energy use
If you’re flexible in your energy use and can significantly limit summer usage during the super peak hours of 3 – 6 pm weekdays, you can save a bundle.

how it works 
  • the plan’s billed on an off-peak and on-peak basis, with a super peak period in the summer billing months of June – August
  • off-peak hours are weekdays from 7 pm to noon and all day Saturday and Sunday, as well as 6 major holidays
  • on-peak hours noon – 7 pm weekdays are billed at a higher rate
  • super-peak hours (3-6 pm weekdays during  June – August) are billed at the most expensive cost per kWh
  • save money when you use more energy on weekends and weekday mornings before noon or evenings after 7 pm

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peak event pricing
Peak Event Pricing works in addition to your current service plan. Save energy and money and help us reduce our system load during “peak events” in June through September when energy demand is highest.

how it works
  • this plan works in conjunction with your regular service plan.
  • up to 18 peak events selected, June - September
  • peak events are scheduled 2 pm - 7 pm weekdays (weekends and holidays are excluded)
  • we send an email, phone call or text message by 4 pm the business day before the event (receiving the message is your responsibility)
  • pay an additional $0.25 per kWh for all energy used during peak events
  • receive a credit of $0.012143 per kWh from June - September
  • eligible if an automated meter is installed at your home



analyze your energy use

learn how you use energy and to find new ways to save.