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This plan is best for customers with minimal energy use (600 kWh a month or less). 
how it works
​​​low-usage convenience
This plan has two parts: a basic service charge and an energy charge.
  • energy charges: are based on how much energy (kWh) is used during the month. It doesn't make a difference what time of day you use the electricity on this plan.
  • ​​available only to customers with an average monthly energy usage of 600 kWh or less*
  • do not have solar or other forms of renewable energy
​*Plan may be reassigned based on an annual review of average monthly energy usage. When this occurs, first affected bill is January.

how to save
  • ​​​​Save energy and money on your overall usage by taking advantage of some basic energy efficiency programs, tips and tools. For ​example, take advantage of one of our rebate programs, set your thermostat a few degrees higher in the summer and lower in the winter and take our quick and easy Energy Analyzer survey​​ to get an energy-savings report customized for your home

choice plan details

basic service charge

$0.329 day / $10 month

​energy charge

​$0.11672 per kWh
tariff sheet
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compare and change plan

Use our tool to compare and change to the best plan for you


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Please note: Grandfathered solar customers are not required to move to one of the new service plans.