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Do you ever wish you had some control over when you pay your monthly bill? We make it more convenient by offering you the flexibility to select your payment due date. 

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how it works
  • select a payment due date between the 1st and 28th of the month
  • payment is due the next business day if your date falls on a weekend or holiday
  • your first bill may include fewer (or more) days than anticipated
  • if you use an automatic payment program, we’ll process your payment on your bill's due date
  • if you’re on the Equalizer level billing program, your first payment may be smaller or larger than expected   
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  • enroll your home or business account
  • participation requires use of an automatic meter; we’ll make sure you have the right meter when you enroll.



even better with autopay

combine autopay and pick a due date for ultimate peace of mind and control

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