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Let Budget Billing even out the highs and lows of your monthly bills for easier budgeting.

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how budget billing works
  • we average your recent energy bills to determine your monthly Budget Billing payment
  • your Budget Billing payment may be adjusted once within three months from the last adjustment to help prevent high credit or debit balances​

  • if you have a late payment(s), your account will be removed from Budget Billing and settled up
  • any credit balance will be applied toward your past ​due amount or any debit balance will be added to your past due amount
  • you are eligible to sign up for Budget Billing once you bring your account current by paying all past due, current and Budget Billing payoff balances
your eligibility
  • your account must be current with no past due balance
  • we do not require minimum billing history to enroll (unless a new build)
  • accounts with Green Choice or EPR (solar) service plans are ineligible



better together
Combine Budget Billing with AutoPay for complete bill management. You’ll be able to anticipate your automatic withdrawal and know your payment will always be on time.
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