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You know there's more to life than worrying about missed deadlines or writing and mailing checks. So stop worrying. We'll show you how.
Sign up for AutoPay and we’ll automatically deduct your monthly bill from your bank account. Everything is done online.
how autopay works:
  • automatically deducts payments from your bank account on your bill's due date 
  • monthly emails include the amount and date of your deduction 
  • securely posts your bills online where you can view and print copies of current or previous statements 
  • activate online – have your bank account information and APS billing account number available
  • view your monthly bill online 
  • change bank account information, payment date and payment amount online
*login required
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Signing up for Surepay authorizes your bank to transfer the amount of your monthly bill to your APS account.
how surepay works
  • complete the registration form and mail it with a voided check (counter checks aren't accepted)
  • we’ll mail a copy of your monthly bill showing the due date and amount to be deducted from your account
  • complete and mail a new application to change bank account information
  • payment due date and amount may not be changed

what’s the difference?
Everything is done online, from signing up to viewing your monthly bill.
Send in your application and receive your monthly bills by U.S. Mail.
canadian banks
Some Canadian banks don’t accept these electronic transactions. Check with your bank before you sign up for AutoPay or SurePay.


even better with pick a due date

combine pick a due date and autopay for ultimate peace of mind and control