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Do you need more time to make a payment? Your account may be eligible for a payment arrangement.​

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make a payment arrangement
​​​how it works
When you make a payment arrangement, your past due balance will be due on your next bill to allow you additional time to pay.

To be eligible for a payment arrangement your account must:

  • have at least 6 months of service at your current location
  • not have an existing payment arrangement (or a broken one in the last 2 months)
  • not be enrolled in Budget Billing or AutoPay
  • not be in the process of disconnection due to non-payment (or have a final bill)
  • not have had your last payment returned by the bank

apply now​​​

billing & payment alerts
Manage your payments with a helpful payment reminder and receive confirmation when your payment is received. You can also set a dollar limit threshold where we will notify you when your current bill reaches that amount.
returned checks
  • $15 fee applies to each returned check
  • pay the amount of the returned check plus the $15 fee with cash, a cashier’s check or a money order
  • 2 or more returned checks within 12 months requires payment by cash, money order or cashier’s check for 12 months


establishing good credit
You’re establishing a good credit rating every month you pay your bill on time.
a good credit rating helps you 
did you know?

Y​ou can manage your payments with reminders when payment is due, and confirmation when your payment is received. You can also get notifications when usage reaches your designated​​ threshold.


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