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​​​october 2017
​service plans to fit your needs
When running a business, you need to make choices every day; your choices are what make your business unique and set you apart from others. Your energy needs are unique as well. That’s why we have modified some of our service plans to better fit those needs.

Check out some new features:
  • Reduced on-peak hours for most time-of-use plans, now 3pm to 8pm on weekdays.
  • A new Extra Small General Service plan with a demand charge.
  • Budget certainty - your service plan can no longer fluctuate between plans monthly. Annually you’ll be placed on the plan that best meets the demands of your business.
  • A new plan comparison tool specific for the Extra Small and Small service plans.
With the recent modifications to our service plans, you’re sure to find the plan that best fits your business. Learn more at
Stacy Derstine
VP Customer Service and Chief Customer Officer​