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​​​december 2017 
​different people different plans 
We have a variety of plans to choose from. Pick one of our Premier Choice plans and enjoy the ultimate in convenience. With this plan, energy is the same convenient price no matter when you use it. Or choose our Saver Choice plan for the perfect balance of savings and convenience. With Saver Choice, the more you shift energy use to lower-cost off-peak hours, the more you’ll save. Or choose Saver Choice Plus to take savings into your own hands or Saver Choice Max for your greatest savings potential. 
All of the Saver Choice time-of-use plans offer more (lower cost) off-peak hours and four additional off-peak holidays, which is 10 total, a year. 
The sooner you switch, the sooner you can start taking advantage of the benefits. 
Find the best plan for you at
Please note: Grandfathered solar customers are not required to move to one of the new service plans. 
Stacy Derstine 
VP Customer Service and Chief Customer Officer​