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​​​november 2017
​the choice is yours
Different people need different plans. We recently added some great new service plan options to help you find the one that best meets your energy needs.
Your energy options now include three new time-of-use plans: Saver Choice, Saver Choice Plus and Saver Choice Max. Each of these new plans offers the following features:
• Fewer on-peak (higher-cost) hours—now 3 to 8 p.m. on weekdays
• 19 off-peak (lower-cost) hours on weekdays
• Continued off-peak pricing all weekend long
• Four additional off-peak holidays for a total of 10 per year
If you’re able to shift more of your energy use to off-peak hours, Saver Choice might be the best plan for you. Or, if you can shift energy use to off-peak hours and stagger the use of major appliances during on-peak hours, Saver Choice Plus or Saver Choice Max are excellent options.
To find the energy plan that works best for you, explore your choices at​
Please note: Grandfathered solar customers are not required to move to one of the new service plans.