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To provide electricity when you need it, we have to plan ahead. As demand grows, it’s important to build new transmission facilities so we can continue delivering your electricity safely and reliably.​​​

siting projects
​​​​​APS is committed to providing our customers with reliable, affordable electric service. The Phoenix metropolitan region and the State of Arizona in general, continue to be one of the nation’s fastest growing urban areas producing an increasing demand for electricity. To meet this demand and our customer’s energy needs, APS is involved in a number of power line and facility siting projects.

In addition to the current projects, APS has completed the siting process for numerous other facilities that are either in pre-construction or construction phases of development.
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anticipating electricity needs
​​​Creating a long-term plan is one of the ways we plan for future electricity needs. Our 10-Year Transmission System Plan (115-500kV), required annually by the Arizona Corporation Commission (ACC), describes the high voltage and extra high voltage transmission facilities we’re planning for the upcoming decade.


transmission and facility siting
​​​siting process
Arizona State Law requires utilities to obtain approval from the ACC prior to the construction of new electrical transmission facilities greater than 115kV. The APS siting team evaluates 69kV projects as well to determine if siting is appropriate for a particular project, based on project specific criteria. The APS siting team has developed a typical siting process which we follow when siting a project.​

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In addition, when siting a 115kV or greater transmission line, we are required to obtain a Certificate of Environmental Compatibility (CEC) from the ACC. Here is what a typical CEC process looks like.
​​​For general information on line siting in Arizona, visit the following websites:
If you have additional questions, please contact APS Transmission and Facility Siting​.