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APS Partners for a Sustainable Future Program

the aps partners for a sustainable future program allows companies to help shape their own - and arizona's - green future.

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Meeting sustainable energy goals is a priority for many companies. Through this innovative partnership, companies help increase the amount of green energy in Arizona, meet their own sustainability goals and create a lasting legacy of sustainability leadership.     

​how it works


The Partners for a Sustainable Future Program creates an opportunity for customers to meet their sustainable energy goals and directly impact Arizona’s green future by being a participant in the APS process for procuring generation resources. Eligible customers bid a premium for sustainable energy sources which will be considered as part of the APS Request for Proposal (“RFP”) process. This partnership between APS and the customer can result in a sustainable resource being selected in the RFP that would not have been possible otherwise and enables the development of additional sustainable resources serving Arizona.       

Resource Developer bids continue to follow APS’s established procurement process overseen by an independent monitor; however, bids meeting the criteria for a sustainable resource will incorporate the customer premium to determine whether they will be selected. If the customer’s premium results in the sustainable resource being selected, the customer will pay the premium and associated program administrative fees for the lifetime of the resource beginning when the facility starts generating energy.  Renewable Energy Credits (“RECs”) attributable to the resource selected will be retired on the customer’s behalf.

value of partnership


Partnership with APS ensures reliability and power quality remain the highest priority while building a path to a long-term sustainable resource mix. As benefits of the program, customers: 

  • Gain the opportunity to help make new sustainable energy facilities possible    
  • Receive RECs to help meet their sustainability goals       
  • Support projects that meet the specific grid and resource needs of Arizona       
  • Lock in a sustainability premium for the term of the contract       
  • Accomplish sustainability goals without shifting costs to other APS customers – keeping Arizona competitive for future economic development       
  • Participate in an innovative and repeatable program that drives towards a long term solution to sustainability       
  • Remain focused on their core businesses       
  • Maintain their eligibility for other APS programs and services

customer eligibility


Eligible customers for the Partners for a Sustainable Future Program:       

  •  ​Have a minimum aggregate monthly demand greater than 400 kW  
  • Meet wholesale creditworthiness requirements to facilitate a long-term agreement       
  • Demonstrate sustainable resource commitment through willingness to provide a premium payment that will be incorporated in the RFP process       
  • Authorize APS to proceed with their established procurement process and include the customer’s commitment and premium in the evaluation of sustainable resources       
Eligibility details

additional information

We are currently seeking companies and organizations who are interested in partnering with us. If you would like to help bring more sustainable energy to Arizona, please contact your Account Manager or the program manager, Judson Tillinghast, at 602-250-2356 or  
Customer offers are due by Thursday, July 19, 2018 and Sustainable Future Partners could be announced as soon as December 15, 2018.

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