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test scheduling

Job applicants are scheduled for testing only upon referral by the job recruiter. Applicants should only contact Testing Services with questions after receiving a test scheduling notice. Test Scheduling notices are generally sent to an applicant's e-mail address; so it's important to check routinely for messages once a job application has been submitted. The contact phone number will be on the test scheduling notice and will vary depending on the scheduled test location.


test preparation

Several resources are available to assist applicants in preparing for job-related tests. These resources are intended to be helpful although they are not a guarantee to passing a test.

taking employment tests at pinnacle west/aps

General tips to help you be at your best when taking an employement test, including how to prepare before the testing session.

At Pinnacle West/APS, you may be asked to take a test as part of the job selection process. Tests are used to help assess your knowledge, skills and abilities for a job.
For many, the most lasting memory of test taking relates to those taken at school. You might recall feelings ranging from discomfort to anxiousness prior to a test, even when you felt well prepared.
If you haven't had much experience taking tests in the recent past, you may feel that your test-taking skills could be improved. Using simple test preparation and test-taking strategies can help minimize any discomfort. The following tips are offered to help you do your very best.
before your test date
Some disabilities, conditions and medications can impact test performance. If you have a condition that you feel may impair your ability to take a test, it is important that you discuss this with Testing Services as soon as possible. All information of this nature is treated as strictly confidential within Testing Services.
At the time your test is scheduled, make sure you understand the date, time and place for your test. Also, make sure you understand any other instructions you are given for taking the test.
The Test Administrator will tell you the type of test you will be taking such as a written, computer/data-entry, or skills test. You may also be given some general information about the areas to be tested such as math, reading, writing, verbal skills, etc.
Practicing test-taking may help. You can purchase sample test workbooks, such as those for the Armed Services “ASVAB” tests. These can be found in many public libraries, bookstores or through on-line vendors. However, the greatest use these tools provide is not in studying subject areas, but in helping you to feel more comfortable taking tests. Do not feel, however, that you need to “study” to take a test for a job. Most test results, especially for tests of ability, will not be significantly improved by last minute “brushing up”.
Help yourself to feel your best by eating right and getting plenty of rest. Even light exercise such as walking, deep breathing or stretching can help you to feel more alert and positive. You should avoid alcoholic beverages or too much caffeine for at least twenty-four hours prior to taking a test.
Avoid scheduling other appointments for yourself following the test so that you will not feel rushed.
the day of the test
If, due to medical or other circumstances, you need to cancel your testing appointment, you must contact your test administrator or your recruiter as soon as possible. At that time, you will need to ask if any alternative arrangements can be made. Failure to make timely notification of your cancellation can impact your ability to be rescheduled to take a test. Testing Services will evaluate each cancellation on a case-by-case basis to determine rescheduling. Generally, only one re-schedule opportunity will be provided.
Remember to bring picture identification of yourself, such as a driver’s license or passport. You will not be permitted to take a test without presenting some form of current proper identification.
Try to avoid diuretic beverages such as coffee and tea as these cause more rapid loss of body fluid. You should also not exceed one serving of caffeinated beverages (such as colas, coffee and tea) within two hours of your test.
Dress comfortably. Restrictive clothing may be uncomfortable for you, especially during a lengthy test process. It’s also a good idea to bring a light jacket or sweater in case the room temperature is cooler than ideal for you.
Remember to bring any prescription eyewear you may need.
Leave plenty of time to travel to the testing site in case there are unexpected delays such as traffic. Try to arrive with time to spare so you will have a few moments to relax and become accustomed to your surroundings.
Make sure to use the restroom and drink some water before the test is scheduled to begin.
during a test
Listen to and follow the Test Administrator’s instructions carefully. If you do not understand an instruction, you have the responsibility to ask questions until you are sure you know exactly what to do.
If you are given a time limit, use it wisely. Work quickly, but as accurately as possible. Try not to spend too much time on a single question.
Read all test instructions and questions completely and carefully. Make sure you note any words or phrases that may provide clues to the best answer. Use process-of-elimination as one technique to help you determine the best answer.
Give only the answer you believe is best. Don’t use second-guessing. There are no “trick” questions.
Enter your answers exactly as directed by the Test Administrator or as given by instructions within the test itself.
Unless you are told that there is a penalty for guessing, try to answer all questions in the test.
Do only your own work. Anyone caught attempting to cheat, helping someone else to cheat, or otherwise breaching test confidentiality will be disqualified from further consideration for the job, and may be subject to other discipline and action. Pinnacle West Capital Corporation/APS will protect everyone’s right to receive a fair employment opportunity.
additional guidance for taking written tests
Take a moment to look through the test, answer the easiest questions first, and then return to answer all remaining questions. (Note: if your test includes a number of sections, work only in those sections you are authorized to work in by the Test Administrator.)
After completing the test, take time to check your answers carefully. On multiple choice questions, especially when using a separate answer sheet, make doubly sure that you’ve correctly recorded the choice that you think is best. Do not feel rushed to turn in your test.
PNW/APS Testing Services uses only trained, qualified personnel for the administration of its corporate employment tests. If you have any questions, you are encouraged to contact Testing Services at 602-250-2641.
Employment tests cover a wide variety of jobs, including:
  • Power plant operators, maintenance workers, technicians
  • Linemen, electricians, substation technicians, meter servicemen
  • Vehicle maintenance
  • Utility workers (entry level)
  • Distribution and transmission dispatchers
  • Administrative personnel
Testing covers abilties such as:
  • Reading comprehension
  • Numerical (basic math, word problems, tables & graphs)
  • Mechanical aptitude (intuitive understanding of physical properties such as speed, distance, direction, pressure, weight, size, shape)
  • Space visualization (conceptualizing in 3-d object from a 2-d representation)
  • Keyboarding, PC skills
  • Visual speed and accuracy
Sometimes more than one type of test is required per job.  Tests are often pass/fail. Types of tests include:
  • Knowledge tests - how much/how well you know something
  • Aptitude tests - ability to learn or do something
  • Skill tests - ability to perform skilled tasks related to the job
Types of testing may include:
  • Paper and pencil
  • Computerized
  • Performance
  • Web-based
  • Verbal
Types of questions may include:
  • Multiple choice
  • Scaled (e.g. 1=least, 5=most)
  • Fill-in; short answer
  • Sorting (preferences, choices, etc.)
  • Matching
  • Writing samples
  • Processes

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sample test questions
The following multiple-choice aptitude-type test questions are provided to give a general idea of what these questions look like. They are not from any of Pinnacle West/APS' actual tests. These questions are almost always given under conditions requiring both speed and accuracy.
sample - verbal comprehension
In this question the examinee evaluates the bolded part of the sentence to determine what change, if any, is needed to make the sentence grammatically correct.
"She doesn't have no more chores."
A)  have any
B)  got
C)  got any
D)  phrase is correct no change needed
sample - reading comprehension
Until next September, scheduled maintenance overhauls will be cancelled due to the increased customer demand for power. As a result, management has determined that maintenance crews will need to work an additional 5300 hours.   
Increased demand for electricity will impact:
A)  Customers
B)  Maintenance work crews
C)  Management
* Examinees are always instructed in this type of test to only focus on the content of the paragraph and to not consider any information he/she may have about the subject area.
sample - numerical evaluation 
1)  Jan bought two dozen flowers at $7.50 per dozen and purchased another dozen for $9.75. What was the total amount of his purchase?
A)  $24.75
B)  $22.50
C)  $25.00
2)  .3% of 473 =
A)  .1419
B)  1.419
C)  14.19
3) Consider the following table:
 Customer A
 Customer B
In which month does the greatest difference in bill amounts between Customer A and Customer B occur?
A)  February
B)  April
C)  May
sample - mechanical aptititude
               A                          B 
If the gears marked 'A' and 'B' are turning at the same rate of speed over a five minute period, the 'B' gears will have _______ revolutions compared to the 'A' gears.
A)  greater
B)  fewer
C)  the same

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edison electric institute (eei) sample tests & brochures

In cooperation with the Edison Electric Institute (EEI), we provide access to sample versions and brochures of some of our most widely used tests including:


sample tests & brochures
  • Construction & Skilled Trades Test (CAST) - System construction, vehicle/equipment maintenance and facilities maintenance jobs.
  • Maintenance Selection System (MASS) - Power plant maintenance jobs.
  • Plant Operator Selection System (POSS) - Power plant operations jobs.
  • Support & Administrative Selection System (SASS) - Administrative and other clerical/data support jobs.
  • System Operator & Power Dispatching (SO/PD) - Electric distribution and transmission power dispatching jobs. 
additional test brochures
  • Career Interest & Diagnostic Instrument (CADI) - Comprehensive career assessment.
To access any of these sample tests:
  1. At the prompt, enter the following information
    Name:           PNW
    Password:     Arizona
To access any brochures and Testing Tips information for these tests:
  1. At the prompt, enter the following information
    Name:             PNW
    Password:     Arizona
Accessing this site will provide you with additional information and links to the sample tests and testing tips. If you have any difficulty accessing this information, please try and use the same Name and Password as above; or contact

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important information if you are scheduled to take a test
  1. Punctuality is an important part of the testing process and is appreciated. However, we know there are times when due to your health, family health, or other unforeseen circumstances, you are unable to be at the scheduled test session. 

    We want you to be at your best and feel your best and will try to accommodate rescheduling requests. If for any reason you cannot keep your scheduled testing appointment, you must call your Test Administrator prior to the testing time. If you cannot reach the Test Administrator, leave a voicemail message with the following information:
    • your name
    • the time/place of the test session
    • the test(s) you are scheduled to take
    • a brief description of the reason for not being able to attend the test session
    • a reliable contact phone number where you can be reached later in the day
    Although we cannot guarantee an alternative testing session, only those who are timely in canceling will be given consideration.
  2. If you would like to request a testing accommodation in accordance with the Americans with Disabilities Act, please advise your Test Administrator as soon as possible. You will be given additional information at that time.  
  3. In order to be given a test, you must bring an official picture identification card such as a current driver’s license or passport. Pictures on credit cards, store membership cards, out-of-date cards, or identification cards from companies other than Pinnacle West or APS will not be accepted.
  4. The Test Administrator will provide information on how you will receive your test result. If you pass the test, you will be referred to the recruiter for further consideration. If you do not pass the test, you may qualify for a re-test:
    • after 3 months if it is your first re-test AND a job-related opportunity is available
    • after 12 months if you have already had a re-test AND a job-related opportunity is available
If you have any other questions, please email
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