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hardening the grid: focus on reliability
We spent the offseason evaluating potential vulnerable areas of our grid and proactively replaced and upgraded equipment. System wide, we manage 35,000 square miles — the sixth-largest service territory in the country. With more than half a million power poles, 6,500 miles of transmission power lines, and more than 28,000 miles of distribution lines to serve customers, we look for ways to safeguard equipment to continue providing reliable electric service — no matter what Mother Nature sends our way. ​

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powering through the hot summer months
It takes a lot of preparation to power an Arizona summer. We never stop planning to ensure the energy grid is ready with enough electricity and redundancy in place to continue to provide reliable electricity to our customers. ​

real-time energy trading helps keep the lights on
To ensure that our customers are provided reliable power, APS real-time traders are constantly working
(24 hours a day) to provide reliable power to the grid. ​

how is power delivered to my home?
We use a diverse mix of energy resources to generate electricity for customers across the state. Transmission lines - carrying large amounts of electricity from power plants to cities or towns - and distribution lines - carrying smaller amounts of electricity into neighborhoods - help deliver power to your home. No matter the season or time of day, when you flip the switch we're working to ensure your lights come on - bringing you safe, reliable power 24/7. ​

reliability you can count on 

Energy is essential to almost everything you do and it's our job to make sure it is there when you need it. We're using state-of-the-art technology to make the grid more flexible and maintain reliability.

improving infrastructure for a growing state

As stewards of Arizona's energy future, we're continually strengthening the state's infrastructure to prepare for upcoming growth.

Staying ahead of the needs of Yuma County, the third fastest growing area in the United States is one such example. We’re building a transmission line to ensure that the energy demands of people living in Southwest Arizona are met for generations to come.
The Hassayampa to North Gila No. 2 (HANG2) is a 112-mile power line over a decade in the making and is currently the largest utility project in the West. HANG2 will be operational mid-2015. Forward-thinking and reliability – that’s what our customers can count on.

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​next is redefining how energy is delivered to our customers
Advanced technologies are changing the electricity grid. In the next 15 years, APS customers will have more choices when it comes to their energy use – smart appliances, plug-in electric vehicles, rooftop solar panels and even the possibility of battery storage. With these advancements, our job is to make sure the safety and reliability of our electricity is never compromised.
By incorporating new technologies into the grid, we will be able to:
  • maintain reliability
  • increase customer choice and control
  • integrate renewable energy resources
  • be more flexible and responsive to the needs of our customers
Smart grid systems can provide customers with insight into their personal energy use and let us know about changes in customer demand. A smarter grid can even become “self-healing” – detecting problem areas and redirecting power to avoid or minimize an outage. Improving the efficiency, reliability and security of Arizona’s energy system is critical to meeting the changing demands of our customers and supporting the overall growth and prosperity of Arizona.
project illuminate
We’re constantly exploring innovations in technology that enhance our ability to serve our customers. That’s where Project Illuminate comes in. By using a state-of-the-art grid management system, we can access a more informed view of energy distribution throughout the state, and more quickly and accurately pinpoint and resolve outages.
Project Illuminate enhances our power distribution systems allowing us to foresee equipment issues before they have a chance to impact your home, so that we can operate at the highest, most reliable level of service for the communities we serve.
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grid innovations
APS is bringing electricity into the digital age, ensuring reliable, more secure energy. These advances also provide our customers with greater access to usage information and help them save on their energy bill.
The grid is already adapting, but further innovation will be needed in the coming years. We anticipate investing more than $300 million in smart grid technology through 2025. This is just the beginning of the process, not only for APS, but also for our customers.
Through a complex network of sensing and communication devices, a modernized grid creates a real-time energy dialogue among sources of energy, customers and various grid components to keep everything in balance.
Additional technologies we are studying include energy storage options that allow us to bank energy during low demand periods and deliver it during peak demand times. As part of that effort, we are assessing the performance of various storage technologies to determine their suitability in meeting the needs of our customers and state.​

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