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Our new online video series provides helpful answers to a wide range of questions that are frequently asked by our customers. You’ll find short, informative videos on a variety of topics.


what are the biggest energy users in my home?
​​​Check out the top five energy users in your home - some of them may surprise you. Plus Meredith has some great tips for saving energy and money.
how does aps know how much power people will need in the future?
The integrated resource planning process helps us map the future energy needs. Brent does a great job of explaining this complex planning process.​​​
how is my electricity stored?
Actually, we do not store the energy we produce. We produce the electricity you need, when you need it. And if there is a surplus of energy, Anna explains how we sell it to other utilities as part of the Energy Imbalance Market. ​​​
how does electricity get to my house?
​Mat walks through the main components of getting electricity to your home. This simple explanation helps to break down the complex process of generating and delivering electricity.
how do I know if the person calling me is from aps?

Mat provides important information to help you avoid scams - and if you're ever suspicious call us at


how can I lower my energy bill?
There are simple things you can do around the house to lower your energy bill.  Click on the video to find out how Anna saves money on her energy bill.
Learn more ways to save with our energy saving tips.  
can I get information on outages?
You can now sign up to receive automatic text or email alerts about power outages that may affect your home or business. Patrick explains the three easy steps to sign up for outage and other energy alerts. 

Visit to learn more.
how do I check my bill online?

Shayla describes how easy it is to view and pay your bill online – it’s easy!  And while you're there check out other features like our notification center and energy saving tips.

Learn how to pay your bill online.​

why aren't all lines buried?

 We look at a variety of factors when determining which lines should be above ground and which lines should be below ground. Watch Mat's video for more information.