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We believe investing in renewable energy will result in environmental benefits, hedge the costs of potential climate legislation and the increasingly stringent environmental regulation of fossil-fueled generation, while providing an economic boost to Arizona.
a growing renewable energy portfolio
As a leader in developing and testing renewable resources, particularly solar energy, we’ve expanded our renewable-energy portfolio from virtually nothing 10 years ago to 557 megawatts today – enough to meet the needs of 91,000 customers.
By the end of 2015 we expect renewable energy to supply about 10% of our retail customers’ electricity needs. By 2025, we expect 15% of our electricity will come from renewable generation.
renewable energy standard
Under the Arizona Renewable Energy Standard (RES), which the Arizona Corporation Commission (AAC) adopted in 2006, we’re required to supply an increasing percentage of retail electric energy sales from renewable resources. This percentage increases annually until it reaches 15% in 2015.
In our 2009 regulatory settlement agreement, we committed to an interim renewable energy target of 10% by year-end 2015; that’s double the existing RES target of 5% that year.
renewable energy incentive program
Our Renewable Energy Incentive Program helps with the cost of adding renewable energy systems to your home or business.

  • since 2002 more than 20,0000 customers have participated in the program
  • residential program participants have the capacity to generate 50 megawatts of “green” electricity
  • customers who’ve taken advantage of the solar water heater and other thermal technology incentives are expected to displace 30,000 megawatt hours of energy​
green choice rate program
We offer 3 Green Choice rates approved by the ACC:
  • green choice 1 is a fixed level of “green” power you can subscribe to each month
  • green choice 2 varies month to month and is based on a percentage of your monthly use
  • green choice 3 is a single block of “green” power for use at special event