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Arizona faces an ongoing wildfire threat thanks in part to growing wildland-urban interface communities – areas where residential development meets forest. Our goal is to ensure you have ongoing electric service, even during extreme fire conditions. But we need your help

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minimize wildfire damage
When we clear vegetation around our wooden utility power poles and anchor wires in the wildland-urban interface, we’re minimizing wildfire danger and preventing power loss. We’re also creating a defensible space – an area around a structure where fuels and vegetation are treated, cleared or reduced to slow the spread of wildfire.
If we plan to remove vegetation in your area, we’ll leave a notice before we start.
protect your home from wildfire
create defensible space around your house
Clear leaves, pine needles and other flammables from within at least 30 feet of your house.
create open space around your house
Thin trees within 125 feet of your home and eliminate branches that overhang the roof. When trees are spaced approximately 20 feet apart at the canopy, it prevents flames from traveling from tree to tree in a solid front.
remove tall, dry grasses from surrounding property
Tall, dry grasses provide a fire path that can lead directly to your house.
clean your roof and gutters
Remove leaves and pine needles from your roof and gutters to prevent flying embers from igniting debris.
remove “ladder fuels”
Prune tree branches so the lowest is at least 6 to 10 feet from the ground. When fire burns through tall, dark grass, it can easily ignite branches and climb to the tree tops.
check gas-powered equipment & garden hoses
Yard equipment requires annual maintenance and proper fueling:
  • fuel your lawnmower away from dry, flammable grasses
  • check hoses to avoid developing leaks
prune bushes & shrubs
Remove excess growth, dead leaves and branches to decrease their flammability and the threat they could pose during a fire.