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We keep trees, shrubs and other vegetation from growing near electrical equipment to maintain safe conditions for our repair crews. It also allows us to restore power more quickly during an outage.
transformer safety guidelines
Vegetation can create an unsafe condition for our repair crews. If a transformer box is in your yard, the following guidelines will help to plan or maintain your landscaping:
  • keep at least 10 feet of clear space in front of transformer doors
  • maintain at least 2 feet of clear area on either side of the transformer
  • clear a 6 foot by 6 foot area from the left front corner of the concrete transformer base
transformer painting requests
We paint rusted and graffitied transformers and switching cabinets as soon as possible.
To report equipment in need of repainting call 602-371-7171 (Phoenix area) or 800-253-9408 (other areas). 
​before you dig

Call Blue Stake at 800-782-5347 at least 2 working days before you dig.


contact us
To report any open or unlocked transformers call:
602-371-7171 (Phoenix area)
800-253-9408 (other areas)