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Electricity theft ranges from tapping into a neighbor’s energy source to illegally adjusting a meter.
why report it?
Safety – Tampering with meters and other utility equipment can cause shock or electrocution. Damaged meters or exposed wiring may cause fire or explosions. Children are especially at risk if meters, meter sockets and wires are exposed.
Energy theft can increase your rates –Stolen electricity can result in increased rates for all APS customers, so stealing electricity is actually stealing directly from honest customers.
Grid stability – Stealing electricity can cause power outages and interruptions in service to other customers in the area.
What to look for:
Unusual, out-of-place wires near meter panel
Unusual, out-of-place wires at overhead service lines
Electricity at location that is missing its meter
Unusual activity around meters, which may include tampering near meter


how to report electricity theft
Reports of suspected electricity theft can be made by calling our Electricity Theft Team at (602) 371-7248, or fill out an online form here.