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Energy theft is serious business. Not only is it illegal and costly, it can be fatal. Everyone pays for energy theft in terms of cost and safety. We’re committed to stopping it, but we need your help.

report theft


nergy theft can increase rates 
Energy theft ranges from tapping into a neighbor’s energy source to illegally adjusting a meter. Meter tampering occurs in homes, grocery stores, restaurants and other commercial establishments. It can lead to losses in revenue that result in increased rates for everyone.
energy theft is dangerous 
Tampering with meters and other utility equipment can cause shock or electrocution. Damaged meters may cause fires or explosions. Children are especially at risk if meters, sockets and wires are left exposed.​
​energy theft is detectable

Meter readers and other field personnel are trained to detect tampering and dangerous hookups. Our computerized billing system can also detect some cases of energy diversion.

​prevent energy theft

Do you suspect an energy theft has occurred? Call us at 602-371-7248 so we can investigate. You may contact us anonymously; all information is kept confidential.

​avoid being a fraud victim
We’ve got suggestions to help you avoid falling prey to scam artists trying to sell energy-saving device rip-offs. If the offer sounds too good to be true, it probably is.
Contact police if someone comes to your house and says they’re from APS but won’t show a badge. Our employees and contractors carry photo IDs and we always make prior arrangements to enter your home.
Our representatives never visit homes to offer refunds, deposits or electric charges. We do occasionally endorse vendors or work with them to provide special product discounts. Whenever this occurs, we’ll send an official notice through the mail, with our monthly statement or in paid advertising.
Research the company before you purchase anything and avoid paying up front. Call the Better Business Bureau and the Arizona Registrar of Contractors.