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landlord transfer of service agreement

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3. To cancel this Landlord Transfer of Service Agreement or to remove a property from this agreement that has been sold, you must notify APS in writing
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The individuals listed below are fully authorized to act on behalf of the above entity until APS is notified in writing that authorization is withdrawn.

By signing this agreement, I attest that I am the landlord for this property, and I acknowledge that I have read the APS Landlord Transfer of Service Terms and Conditions (page 2), and understand and agree to be bound by this Agreement.
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Scan and email to: businesscare@aps.com, or mail to: APS, MS 2265, PO Box 53933, Phoenix, AZ 85072-3933. Retain a copy for your records.

This Landlord Automatic Transfer of Service Agreement (the "agreement") is entered into by and between Arizona Public Service Company, an Arizona corporation ("APS"), and the customer of record / responsible party noted above (the "landlord") as of the date executed by APS below.

section I - recitals:

  1. Landlord is the owner or managing agent for the owner of that certain real property listed above (the "property").
  2. APS is the utility company authorized to provide electric service to the Property.
  3. Landlord is interested in having electric service to the Property continue uninterrupted after a tenant of the Property has ordered that the service in tenant's name be disconnected.

section II - agreement:

Therefore, the parties hereby agree as follows:

  1. Upon the request of a tenant of the Property that electric service be disconnected, APS shall, without terminating service to said Property, automatically transfer service to the account of Landlord.
  2. APS will bill Landlord for said electric service in accordance with the Terms and Conditions for the Sale of Electric Service filed with the Arizona Corporation Commission and in accordance with Section III of this Agreement entitled governing provisions which are binding upon the parties.
  3. Landlord shall pay all bills when they become due and payable.

section III - governing provisions:

  1. The applicable service shall be kept in Landlord's name when the account is not in the name of a tenant.
  2. Landlord shall be liable for all bills incurred while service is in Landlord's name.
  3. Landlord shall be liable for all electric service to the Property, from the time a tenant orders the service disconnected, even if the Landlord is not aware that the tenant has done so.
  4. If Landlord requests service to be disconnected and subsequently requests reconnection, a service establishment charge will apply.
  5. A service establishment fee will be charged with the initial service connection; however, no service establishment fee shall be charged when a tenant requests disconnection of service or when service is transferred into Landlord's name, provided Landlord complies with all applicable procedures.
  6. Landlord may choose to have the service transferred to his name without incurring a service establishment fee if the tenant's service is disconnected for non-payment of bills. If Landlord chooses to have service transferred to his name, he must notify APS of his intentions. APS reserves the right to require that Landlord's notice be in writing.
  7. APS reserves the right to terminate or refuse service to the Property if a customer of APS with an outstanding bill for services rendered to the Property remains on the property.
  8. APS may, at any time, require proof of ownership, or management authorization, of the Property and may require the Landlord's name, mailing address and other relevant information to accurately identify the Landlord.
  10. To cancel your Landlord agreement or if the property has been sold, you must notify APS in writing. You will continue to be billed for all electric services used at this property in accordance with the Landlord Transfer of Service Terms and Conditions until written notification is received.
  11. If the Landlord does not have established credit with APS, an acceptable letter of credit from a comparable electric utility company may be provided, or the applicant may consent to having a credit score obtained from a credit rating agency where an acceptable rating will serve in place of prior APS history.
  12. Default electric rate - The default electric rate for the Landlord account(s) is "Lite Choice" Extra-Small Residential rate plan. If Landlord elects a different rate, Landlord must notify the company each and every time the tenant terminates service.

    Termination of this agreement by APS shall be directed to Landlord at Landlord's mailing address.
    Termination of this agreement by Landlord must be in writing and directed to APS as follows:

scan and email to: businesscare@aps.com, or mail to: APS, MS 2265, PO Box 53933, Phoenix, AZ 85072-3933.
Retain a copy for your records.