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Our mulch program is a win-win environmental service that reduces landfill wastes (and our disposal costs). Even better, it provides a valuable community service.
why mulch?
Mulch is a great way to maintain moisture and soil temperature. It functions well around trees and other plants, reduces competition from weeds and grasses, and provides nutrients to the soil. Our program’s a great way to promote the reuse of wood chips we collect from tree debris.
about free mulch delivery
  • ​the material we deliver is a very raw material unlike what you would see in a nursery
  • the minimum load we deliver is 12 cubic yards (about 18-2 cubic yard bags)
  • it can contain every kind of vegetation located here in the valley and may include oleanders and thorny trees such as mesquite
  • we won’t deliver any palm debris, cactus, or large pieces of wood
  • best suited for dust control, not gardening
  • delivery is based on where you live and where are crews are working
  • at certain times of the year, we may not have mulch available or mulch may be available only to APS customers
  • once the material is delivered, we will not return to pick it any excess
place an order
We fill orders by the full truckload and deliver when crews are working in your neighborhood.
to place an order call: 602-371-5186